Tuesday, December 18, 2012

“The world is a book..."

"...and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

So, alas, the big Floridian vacation has had to be canceled this holiday season as Grandma is still not out of the hospital.

Do not despair though...we might not make it to the shores of Florida this year, but we have grandiose plans for 2013! We're talking: flying to Southern California to see The Mouse, making it up to the Dog Capital on the USA - Portland, Oregon, perhaps venturing off to the Las Vegas lake area...as the good quotes says, "the world is our oyster!"!  :-D

I might not have been to many places yet, but I have a rolling stone kind of a heart and can't wait to see the world!!

This brings up a wonderful new book and person that I would like to introduce you all too though!!

Freckles the Dog Ruff Guide
Borrowed from Kickstarter

Her name is Melissa Halliburton and she is the founder of a wonderful website called BringFido, I'm sure that most of you have not only heard of this company but also used her awesome information both when traveling and in your own backyard! When I traveled up to the Central Coast, Domeek and I relied heavily on BringFido to find local and awesome dog parks, doggie friendly restaurants and hotels, and pawesome pet stores! :-D

After an exceptionally bad year of ill health and losing her bestest pup friend, Rocco, Melissa decided to take the summer off to relax, rejuvenate, and explore the country with her newest addition Ace! During those 80 days Melissa and Ace visited hundreds of pet friendly locations and activities all across the United States! Ace got to hike in Colorado, sleep in a tent in Yellow Stone National Park, and ride a roller coaster with Melissa in Pennsylvania! How awesome is that?!!

Freckles the Dog Ruff Guide
Ace with Melissa (borrowed from Kickstarter)

Considering that they both experienced such exciting and wondrous things, Melissa wanted to share her thoughts and travels with the other 78.2 million dogs (and their parents) in the country! She and Ace have compiled a list of 365 freaking awesome things to do in the 50 states with your pup!!! The book is going to be in complete color with tons of pictures!!

So, now she needs our help! The book industry is pretty expensive, so she can't do it alone...which brings me to her Kickstarter website! Melissa is trying to raise $20,000 green papers, I know...lots and lots of dinero, but the great thing is that she is over halfway there! So far, they have raised $12,176!! WooHoo, congratulations Ace and Melissa!!

You can help by even donating one dollar! Any tiny bit helps my friends! But, if you increase that number to $15 you can get a digital copy of the book or for just $25 you can get an autographed hard copy! Need a last minute Christmas gift for your favorite dog or their human? Look no further! Of course they will gladly accept any amount that you offer (and they have some awesome incentives to go along with each donation amount, just check out their Kickstarter)! ;-)

Freckles the Dog Ruff Guide
Hehehe, this pup looks like me! (Borrowed from Kickstarter)

I can't wait to receive my copy of their book, so that Domeek and I can explore all those 50 states in style!!

Remember to check out BringFido as well for free and helpful hints on where to go and what to do with your humans! ;-)

Just to let you all know, Domeek and I didn't receive any green papers or books for this post! We thought it was a pawesome idea, after it was brought to our attention, so we wanted to spread the word!!

Thanks for dropping by and have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Happy Tuesday Goose! Great job - hope this post helps her raise the $$ she needs! What a cool idea!

    Sorry your Florida plans were canceled, but sounds like you have 2013 wide open for adventures!

  2. Aw, I'm sorry your vacation had to be cancelled, Goose :( But it sounds like you have a lot of exciting trips to look forward to just around the corner! I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures!

    I'm also pretty excited to check out this Bring Fido stuff. I think I am going to have a look right now :)

  3. That book sounds like a great idea! We do a lot of traveling with the collies for dog shows and that could come in handy!

  4. Sorry about your trip being cancelled but I'm sure there will be lots more in your future! How wonderful of you to help out your friends Ace and Melissa. :)

  5. We are sorry you will not be making your trip after so much preparation. We're also sorry your gram still has health problems. But we are glad you told us about such a dog friendly site and we will be checking that our for sure!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. You are going to have loads of adventures!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Oh, sorry abouts your Grandmas not feeling better Goose. I hopes she gets better soon, dude! Keepin' my paws crossed for her!
    Wows, sounds like your gonna have LOTS of good adventures next year! Your such a lucky pups! Can't wait to hear all abouts it.


  8. Sorry you don't get to get to go to the sunshine state, even more sorry Granny is still not well. I think you are going to have many many adventures ahead of you.

  9. Oh I is full of sorries for your Grandma, Goose, I still get my paws, and my fingertips and toes all crossed for her! For a second, I almost thought that pup in the photo was you!

  10. Hey Goose. We dropped by to tell you that we got your card. Thanks. You looked awesome in it.

    2013 sounds like a good year for you guys. I sense there's a lot of travelling involved

    Huggies and Cheese,


  11. Hey, we checked out her site - very cool!