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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Change of Plans

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Since Grandma has started living here, Domeek and I have had to change our schedules quite drastically...which means, no gallivanting about the neighborhood at all hours of the day (hehehe) and no visiting the puppy park after work!

So, instead, we have started visiting the puppy park around noon, a couple days a week. The positives: the weather is a bit cooler at lunch then after work and I don't have to wait all day long before playing at the park! The cons: so far, there haven't been hardly any pups to play with...generally we've only seen 1 dog each time we're there!

Buuuuuutttt....we've been using our time wisely and have been working on perfecting the art of the Ball!

Freckles the Dog

From my sit - wait skills...

Freckles the Dog

To my post-game relaxation techniques!

Freckles the Dog

I even managed to work on my kleptomaniac skills today...Domeek didn't realize that I stole this lovely orange ball until I dropped it on the cement before jumping into the car! Hehehehe! I was soooo sad to learn that we will bring it back on Friday! :-( It's my ball now! 

Freckles the Dog

Well, even though things are different, we will make it work...I'm sure I'll see my puppy friends soon enough and by then, I'll be able to show off all my ball techniques! 

I'm off to bed now (yes, I am snuggling my rope toy)...have a great Thursday everyone!

PeeS: Oh, I just found out that I get to go on a steam train through the redwoods in a couple of weeks! I can't wait...just think of all those huge trees that I'll get to pee on!!!! Eeeek!!!


  1. A train ride??!!! Wow! Sounds like fun.

    And in our opinion, that ball is YOURS now. No question.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Lucky loves the redwoods ..she would go to Muir woods all the time. It can be tough adapting to a new routine but you never know what other exciting things will happen as a result

  3. Yep we agree the ball is yours Goose. Wow a steam train and big trees. We can't wait to see the pix and hear all about your trip. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. It sounds as though you're still having fun and that's what counts!

  5. That ball is so yours!!! I am glad you are making your new schedule work for everyone. Let me know if a Redwood would make a good stick to chew on.

  6. Oh man, those trees are gonna be HUGE! Let us know about that when you do get to pee on them, ok? We know a change in routine is hard, but I am sure grandma gives you extra wuggles too, right?

  7. You are going to have fun with those trees!


  8. You are just like me! I steal the toys from the park mom's embarrassment. Oh well. Have fun on your train ride. I wonder what that will be like?!?
    *high paws*

  9. Life is about changes and we pups are flexible, eh?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. Oh a Steam Train??! Oh, that's sooo cool Goose! Ma went on the Wine Train up in Sonoma, butts it's been like FUREVER since she's been in the Redwoods! It is the bestest in the hot summer days ~ it can literally be like 20 degrees cooler in the Redwood forest! Ma loves that. Have Domeek take LOTS of pics so I can see you peein' on all the big trees!! BOL
    You HAVE to take the toy back??? Bummer. I say finders, keepers!! hehehe

  11. Tell Domeek that we say "finders keepers", ok?

    That train trip sounds pawsome - mom is especially jealous as she would LOVE to see red woods.

    Have a grrrreat weekend!
    Wally & Sammy

  12. I think it is really nice of you and Domeek to help Grandma settle in and for you to adjust things. That is what family is all about!

    We're excited for you going on a train and having all those big trees to pee on. It'll be fun for you and we'll get to see pictures!