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Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Fun

Happy Friday and Saturday Everyone!!

Freckles the Dog

Wowee, boy was it a blustery and rainy day today! Sheets of rain were falling all morning and afternoon, it was crazy! We live in an area where the drains get all blocked up during the rainy season and man does it flood. Domeek practically had to swim to work! Hehe! Glad we have an SUV and not a tiny sports car or Prius! ;-)

It was so bad, that Kitty actually asked to come inside for breakfast this morning!!!! He doesn't even like anyone, but he decided that he would brave the evil human and dog for a nice warm and dry location to eat! :-D We gave him his space, but Domeek caught a picture!

Freckles the Dog

When the rain finally went away, Domeek rushed me to the puppy park (because I've been a [quote] pain in the tush [un-quote] for the past couple of days)! ;-)

Freckles the Dog

We didn't stay for a really long time, because the rain came back, but I had such a blast while we were there!

Freckles the Dog

I got to play with my doodle friend, Ginger, a mean old chihuahua called Buddy, and this giant black standard poodle that I can't remember the name of! :-D Hehe!

Freckles the Dog

That blur is Jill, an ex-hunting pup who used to bark when she saw ducks...hehe, needless to say, she now enjoys her early retirement by chasing squirrels and climbing fences!!

Freckles the Dog

My basset friend was there again along with a really hyper awesome beagle friend! I like playing with her...we had crazy zoomies together! :-D

When we left, we ventured to Home Depot! Wow, now that is one BIG store!! But I got to see my very first, Real Christmas tree!!! It smelt incredibly good and I didn't try to lift my leg once! Domeek said that was because I hadn't refilled since leaving the park, but I was just being a good boy! ;-)

Freckles the Dog

These are just little, but I got to see a 7 footer!! Whistle!!

Well, try to stay warm and dry my friends!! :-D It's a doozy out there!

Oh and my Holiday card count is now 15 snail mail cards and 3 e-cards while Domeek hasn't gotten one yet! :-D

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Unlike my regular Treasure Thursday posts, this week I'm going to be focusing on something that is usually forgotten over the Holiday season...fostering! 

Tens of thousands of animals sit in their kennels over the winter break; most of them are sad, cold, and lonely! How would you like to make one animal, this year, ecstatic at Christmas time??? It's pretty easy! All you need to do, is take one cat/dog/guinea pig/bunny/rat/ferret (you get the picture) home with you over the Holidays; let them into your life and your festivities and they, in turn, will make your Christmas the greatest it can be!! :-D

Freckles the Dog Holiday Fostering

PetFinder has partnered with hundreds of shelters and rescues all over the country (and Canada) to match you with the perfect Holiday foster animal...there are eight rescues in my area alone! :-)

This is the wonderful Rocky Road from Doggie Protective Services in Palo Alto, California (right next door to me)!

Freckles the Dog Doggie Protective Services

Rocky Road is a 4-5 year old Terrier mix with a soft wire coat. She weighs about 7lbs and is a fun-loving spunky gal. Initially she's insecure and she's not always comfortable with strangers picking her up right away. Once she knows people then she loves to climb into their lap and will hang out there. But Rocky Road's absolute love in life is playing fetch. She will play fetch all day long. She will bring the ball back and stand in front of you but she won't let it go. You have to actually take it out of her mouth. It's so funny! Then she gets so excited when she knows you are going to throw the ball for her again. She wants you to take it out of her mouth and she wants you to throw it again, again and again and you can spend all day throwing that ball and she'll fetch it even when she's exhausted. 

Rocky Road could be an apartment or condo dog. She could be one who goes on walks, goes to the dog park or hangs out with other doggy social friends. She gets along with big and small dogs and she even shares playing fetch with other friends. Rocky Road is better suited for adults and/or older kids. She's just not a youngsters type of dog. She isn't one who wants to be dressed up, pulled by the tail or really "man-handled" as kids so often do. She's a great adult's dog. She's potty pad trained. She's not a big barker.

Rocky Road has a long soft wire coat that doesn't necessarily need to be professionally groomed. It doesn't continue to grow. It is non-shedding and with regular brushing it stays detangled. It's a fairly easy coat to maintain.

Rocky Road is looking for the perfect forever home, but in the mean while, she will be a wonderful edition to any Holiday home!! If you are interested in learning more about Rocky, please visit her PetFinder page!

The beautiful Edie of Pound Buddies in Muskegon, Michigan is looking for a fantastic Holiday foster opportunity!

Freckles the Dog Pound Buddies 

This sweet and gentle Italian Greyhound mix has all the qualities someone could desire. Edie is a 23lb girl that is quiet and loyal. She is not demanding, just wants to be near her people. Edie is about 7-8 years old and is house trained and crate trained. She does great with other dogs and children and we are sure she would be fine with cats. Edie would make a perfect companion for another older dog that needs company or someone just looking for a best friend. Edie like to go for walks and snuggle and if you let her she will sleep right next to you with her head on your pillow. Who could ask for a better low shedding companion than Edie?

If you are interested in taking this beautiful and special girl home for the Holidays, please take a look at her PetFinder page!

Malcolm, a large and beautiful Australian shepherd mix, with Austin Live in Austin, Texas would love a foster home!

Freckles the Dog Austin Live 

Meet Malcolm, a gentle soul who deserves a second chance.

When Malcolm looks at you with his gorgeous yellow eyes, you can almost hear him saying, "Can I trust you? I don't know how or why I ended up in here. I'm an older dog, I had a great life, and this is all new to me. Frankly, I'm really not that into it and I would be ever so grateful if you would bring me home."

Malcolm is slightly overweight, so he is not a high energy dog. He's somewhat bewildered in the shelter environment and is reluctant to try new things. This kind, gentle soul just needs a calm home where he can relax in knowing he's not going anywhere.

Malcolm is not overly cuddly, but he does respond to touch and soft words. He does fine with other pets and will be great around kids. He had a sleepover with a volunteer recently and was such a sweet and easy houseguest. He's housetrained and a rock star on a leash.

Malcom believes home is where the heart is. Won't you open up yours?

If you would like to take Malcom into your home for the Holidays, please take a look at his personal information and see what you can do! 

Freckles the Dog

Thanks for dropping by, as always, and have a wonderful day!!!

PeeS: Domeek abandoned me last night and went to see these weird people called the Trans Siberian get you all in the Holiday spirit, enjoy this awesome rendition of the Nutcracker Suite! :-D

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - The Tree, Before and After

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :-D

So, as most of you know our tree has had a small alteration since my brothers (and maybe me) got a hold of it!


Freckles the Dog
Wasn't she pretty?


Freckles the Dog
As Domeek said "URG!"

Freckles the Dog
Maybe some hanging stuff will help?? Hm, what do you think?

Freckles the Dog
Do you see Ginger?

Freckles the Dog
We tried!! :-/

Freckles the Dog
On a more positive note, look at all my cards!!!! :-D

Uh, yeah...well, I told Domeek "It is what it is!" She however didn't find it as comforting as I did! :-)

PeeS: You might have noticed that I have a new widget on the right hand side...over there ----> The Santa Paws Drive is a virtual Christmas toy drive that is dedicated specifically to pets, the first of its kind! :-D They are in their fourth year and have chosen 6 different non-profit, no-kill rescues from all over the World to distribute all the toys and money received!! If you can, please think about making a needy kitty or puppy exceptionally happy for Christmas (through the Santa Paws Drive or anyway you can)! :-) Thank you!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

No Time To Post Tonight...

Oh my dog!!

Freckles the Dog

Tonight has been so busy that I don't even have the time to really say much...

...except, that I would love it if you all could send out some serious positive thoughts for a weird, slightly scary yet wonderful kitty named Allred along with Bert and Vickie! He has gone a walking and hasn't returned home in a week so all are worried!! It has only been a few weeks since I lost Baby and I do not want anyone else to be sad like that!! So please send all of the love and well wishes you can out into the universe for him!!! :-)

Why am I so busy you ask...well, the Holiday cards arrived and now I am in the middle of stuffing, stamping, licking, and signing! Phew!!

Freckles the Dog

Please take care everyone!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

Happy Sunday and Monday Everyone! :-D

I hope that you all had spectacular weekends! I'm just sitting here, relaxing after having a load of fun!

Let's see, I have four things to tell you all! First off, when we went out yesterday, I got to try out my new carrier (ok, well, stroller). At first I couldn't stand being closed up in it and not able to see everything and say "Hi" to everyone I passed, but after the third person bumped into both me and Domeek and a screaming child ran by, I was super glad to be safe off the ground! Domeek had put my antler toy in with me, so I just lay down, enjoyed my toy, and the trip! In the end it was actually quite fun!! :-D I even walked out the store with a brand new bed, cause I've been told mine kinda smelt funny...pft! I'm a boy...that's a manly smell! :-D

Freckles the Dog

Then I got to go to the park again this afternoon, where I saw three of my favorite pups in the whole, wide honorary brothers - the Huskies and Rico, the awesome standard poodle! Then I met a bunch of new friends, except Domeek didn't bring her camera, so I don't have any pictures! :-/ Boo! First up was a fun and muddy West Highlander called Buddy, then there was a Scottie called MacGuinness who was pretty anti-social, except for me, and then there were my Shepard mix friends Zoe and Roxy, who were having a blast letting me beat them down! Hehehe :-D

Next up, Domeek finally got a hold of Baby's brother, who we have now named Little Bit. He was super scared for the first couple of days, but is now making himself quite at home! :-D He seems sweet enough, not a ball of fun...yet...but I have faith! He'll be off to the snip, snip vet on Tuesday morning! ;-) I haven't told him!

Freckles the Dog

Finally, it's starting to look a lot like Christmas around my house! The tree's been up since Friday, Christmas cards are arriving on a daily basis (you crazy, fast people and pups!), and certain costumes have been making appearances! Urg!

Freckles the Dog

This is how the tree looked at first, but it's changed quite dramatically since my brothers were banned entirely from the area! Hehehe! Of course, I had to add a little Freckles fun...I might have watered the tree the first night it was up! ;-)

Freckles the Dog

I can't believe that I received Wally and Sammy's card all the way from South Africa!! Domeek says that they live really, really, really far away from me!! Thanks so much guys!!

Have a great Monday and keep an eye out for the before and after tree editions on Wednesday's Wordless Wednesday!

Friday, November 23, 2012

I Can't Believe It's A Friday!!

Freckles the Dog
Turkey Coma!!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe that I've had so much fun on a FRIDAY!

First off, Domeek didn't go to work this morning...I had to check the calendar to make sure that it was really Friday and not Saturday! :-D

Then, I found out that she can finally drive again (woohoo!!!); so we plopped in the car and drove to Petco, where we got a couple of puppy Christmas gifts! We also had to visit an electronic store, where I had to wait in the car (boooooooo), then it was off to Starbucks, and!!!! :-D

I haven't been there since my birthday!! It was sooooo much fun!

Freckles the Dog

I met lots of new friends, like the awesome basset above, played ball till my heart was content, frolicked in the mud, and pee'd on practically everything! It was the best time!

Freckles the DOg

Unfortunately, I'm apparently going to get a bath tonight though...something about having mud all over my paws and tummy! Whatever!! I had a blast!

Freckles the Dog

Then, when I got home there was a package with my name on it...just waiting for me!! :-D It was from Gracie and her Mom, from their pawesome Gotcha Day contest! :-D

Freckles the Dog
Can I opened it...please????

Oh my dog, look...gorgeous puppy magnets!! They are so awesome!!

Freckles the Dog

Thank you, thank you so much Gracie!! Your party favor was incredibly sweet and useful! :-D

Freckles the Dog

They are now on my fridge, at my level! :-D Every time I go to the fridge, I'll think of you!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Friday! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Early Black Friday Fun Stuff

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I hope that you all (sorry, everyone in the US at least) enjoyed all the numminesses that were Thanksgiving feasts! :-D Aw, I'm writing this on Wednesday night...but I'm pretty sure what I had was absolutely delicious too! ;-)

So on Wednesday I was lucky enough to get my November BarkBox in the mail!!! WooHoo!!! Only three days late, Mr. Mailman! Grrrr, ruff!!!

This month's box totally rocks!!

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog

Check out this moose antler chew and tug toy, it's totally awesome...but it doesn't look anything like moose that I've seen on the internet!! Hm...

Freckles the Dog

And a bully stick...woohoo!!

Freckles the Dog

That orange bone-ish thing is like a can stuff it, chew it, and throw it!! Yeah!

Freckles the Dog

I also got a packet of Fruitables cookies in Pumpkin and Blueberry! I wasn't too sure about them to begin with, but when Domeek broke them into smaller pieces...I fell in LOVE!! I had 5 in like 2 minutes, if you get the chance, try one cause they are delicious!!

So, needless to say, BarkBox was the best this month!! :-D

A little later Mr. FedEx man came with a giant box for me too! This is what came:

Freckles the Dog

Yeah, I'm totally laughing!! I can't believe that Domeek got this for me! Uh, I'm sorry, does someone think that I'm a baby?! Hehehe!!

Apparently she was inspired by Cosmo and his Mom over at To Dog With Love, who have an awesome doggie stroller that Cosmo absolutely adores!! Well, Domeek had her heart in the right place...I get tired really quickly while out (not at the doggie park...I have boundless energy there), I have this bad knee that might be with me for the rest of my life, and I hate being in crowds (hey, tall humans, you need to watch where you walk...I've been smooshed a couple of times!)! She also likes the idea that with the stroller, I can go into lots of buildings and places that don't want us dogs hanging out, which equals lots more quality time with her and less time hurumphing at home by myself!

It folds up like a kid's umbrella stroller and will (hopefully) fit in a suitcase for our trip to Florida after Christmas and I do like the color since it's my! But, uh, yeah...we'll see how this goes!

Anyways, I hope that you all have a fruitful (or Fruitable...hehehe) Black Friday, can you say Petco and PetSmart???

Today, I Am Thankful For...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

Today I hope you get to enjoy the company of good friends and family, eat delicious food, and think about everything you are thankful and lucky for!

This is the perfect time to remember what...

Freckles the Dog

My Domeek!

Freckles the Dog

My Friends:

Freckles the Dog

My Brothers (well, most of the time):

Freckles the Dog

My Toys:

Freckles the Dog

The Fact That I Was One Of The Lucky Shelter Pups:

Freckles the Dog

All The Awesome Places I Visit:

Freckles the Dog

AND For All Of You, My Bloggie Friends!!!!

Freckles the Dog

Have a beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving everyone...enjoy the Turkey coma!! ;-D

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - The Christmas Tree

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Well, the tree is about to go up and I get to help this I was getting a little inspiration and guidance on how to pitch the perfect Christmas tree a la my brothers!

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog
Using the instructions is the most important thing to remember!

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog
Domeek, how does the tree look??

Freckles the Dog
Aw, puuuurfect!

Oh and since it's Thanksgiving tomorrow, here is last year's turkey!! Oh my dog, I'm drooling already!! Domeek used Martha Stewart's recipe and it turned out (apparently) delicious!! I can't wait till tomorrow night!!!

Ok, we've taken down all the Halloween fun stuff...all we need now is the tree and decorations! Friday, here we come!!

Freckles the Dog

Have a great day guys!!