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Friday, August 31, 2012

A Little Shopping, Coffee, Sniffing, and Love

Wowwee tonight has been a whirlwind of Real and Blogworld Love for me!! :-D

First of all my buddy, Cotton, just won the Most Addictive Blog award and in her awesomeness shared that award with little old me and a few other totally cool pups and kittens! [Totally Blushing] You should go check all of them out; I even found a couple new friends! :-)

Then I go to check my email and see that Miss Vickie and Bert sent me a note letting me know that I won their Dog Tag Art competition! What? I won? I've never won anything in my entire (10 month) life!! That's so cool!!! I loved Bert and Charlotte's tag, so I can't wait for Domeek to help me design my own!!! Don't worry, I'll post a photo when it comes through! :-D

Add to all of these cool things, this evening I got to visit my favorite outdoors shops at the Stanford Shopping Center! If you want a dog friendly mall in the Bay Area, this is your best option, they love us here!

Freckles the Dog at Stanford Shopping Center

There's a ton of doggie pick-up stations, lots of flowers and ferns that are at dog eye level, water features galore, and almost all of the stores have water bowls outside!

Freckles the Dog at Stanford Shopping Center

Freckles the Dog at Stanford Shopping Center

You can even take well-behaved pups in to some of the stores! :-) How cool is this place?

Freckles the Dog at Stanford Shopping Center

Freckles the Dog at Stanford Shopping Center

Then we went to my favorite coffee shop and bakery, Cocola, where I got my very own steamed milk and had a few crumbs of almond cake off of Domeek! It was so delicious! This is also the perfect place to be seen! I get so many "oooo's" and "awwww's" off of random people that walk by and I Love it! Hehehe!

Freckles the Dog at Stanford Shopping Center and Cocola

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday (or as my brothers say "Caturday")! I'm hoping that another trip to the dog park is in my future!!! Thanks to everyone for the love...I'm totally sending it back to all of you!!   

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Take Your Puppy To Work....Do It!!

Oh, my goodness, I was such a lucky puppy today!  

Domeek unexpectedly took me to work with her this afternoon!! I love, love, love going to work with Domeek; there are so many people that I like hanging out with, there are a ton of great smells in the parking lot, and I always love spending time during the work day with her! :-) Yep, one lucky boy! :-D They even hired me as their CPO...that's Chief Puppy Officer!

Freckles the Dog at Work
I was so exhausted though, just check out all that paperwork that I did for her! :-)

This trip got me thinking though: lots of people always come up to me and say that they wish that their doggy could come to work with them but they're concerned with his/her behavior, the unexpected, what to do, et cetera! I say "excuses, excuses," especially if your boss says that it's OK!

So, I decided to put together a little list on how to make the day your puppy comes to work easier for everyone!! Take notes humans! ;-)

How To Take Your Puppy To Work

1. Make sure that I'm as healthy as can be, up-to-date on my vaccines, and a social butterfly!

Freckles the Dog at Work for the first time 
My very first day at work (3 months)!

2. Remember that we need to take bathroom breaks, just like you, but because of the excitement of a new environment we might need to go outside a bit more frequently than at home!

Freckles the Dog at Work in Parking Lot
Having fun in the bushes! :-)

3. I know, I'm as cute as a button, but there are just some people who aren't "Yeah Dog" (allergies...blah blah blah). So, make sure that your co-workers are getting their own space (I promise, I won't sniff their butts)!

4. Treats and water are key to a happy pup and a happy work space! Water is obvious, but treats are good for keeping me content and quiet and for co-workers who want to say "Hi!" No, not to eat, but to give to me as a peace offering! ;-)

Freckles the Dog at Work with Treats

5. Make sure that your desk space is ok for me to be in. Remember I like to chew on stuff, especially when I'm bored, so you might want to move those wires away...unless you want to make the IT department a bit mad!

Freckles the Dog at Work under Desk
Usually I have a blanket to sleep on, but I wasn't planning on coming!

6. I might get a little overwhelmed with the space/noise/people, so make sure that you check in with me and let me have a break if needed.

7. Make your space feel a bit more homier, you might want to bring a bed or a towel/pillow for me to lounge on; oh and don't forget the toys. I might like squeakers, but it's best for everyone if I bring a quieter one!

Freckles the Dog at Work with Bag of Goodies
My bag of goodies: water, bowls, toys, treats, pee-pee pad (in case), leash...

8. Just like Domeek told me..."you might be here at work with me, but I still have stuff to do!"  Ok, I don't really like this rule, but Domeek says that if I want to come, she has to do her job!

9. Dude, remember that I'm here at work with you, so have FUN! I'll always make you smile, no matter what your boss says, and the day will seem shorter!

Freckles the Dog at Work in Parking Lot
Freckles of the Jungle!

Have any of you gone to work with your people before? Did you have fun? Were you good boys and girls?! :-)

Happy Friday Everyone!

Sources: ABCNews, ASPCA, Everyday Health

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Freckles the Dog Outside

Ok, I am super excited to show off the awesome pups that I have found for you! This week I tried to focus on some of the eastern/southern states and let me tell you, these boys and girls are absolute treasures!!

But first a recap on last weeks featured pets!
  • Loba with PAWS Chicago is still available for adoption, so if you are interested in a fun-loving and goofy guy, please visit his page!
  • Tank, the special needs but totally adorable chihuahua, from the Florida Humane Society is also still available for adoption!
  • Georgia, the young and beautiful pittie, is also still available at the Humane Society Pikes Peak Region so check her out now!

My first introduction is going to be for Miss Brenna, or as her friends call her "Momma!" She is currently being fostered with the help of the Carolina Basset Hound Rescue that is located in both North and South Carolina!

Treasure Thursday Dog with Carolina Basset Hound Rescue

She is one beautiful basset hound, let me tell you! If you want to learn more about Brenna, please visit her page! However, if you feel that a younger or male pup is more to your fancy, have no fear, Carolina Basset Hound Rescue has a plethora of other dogs to choose from! Please visit their available dogs to see other hound options!

Treasure Thursday Carolina Basset Hound Rescue Dogs

My second featured adoptable dog is an awesome pup named Silas from the Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee in (you'll never guess it) Tennessee! :-) This rescue group might be small but boy do they help a lot of little guys, just like me! 

Treasure Thursday Featured Dog Silas from Small Breed Rescue of East Tennessee

Doesn't he have the greatest hair style? I love it! If you click on his page and check out some of the other photos, his hair actually looks pink (hehehe)! But if this spunky looking fella doesn't appeal to you, no worries, Small Breed Rescue has plenty of other little guys to fill your "aw" bowl! Please take a look at their available dogs here!

Treasure Thursday Small Breen Rescue of East Tennessee

My final featured dog's name is Selena, who is from Alabama and is a courtesy listing with the Animal Rescue Foundation! She's had a rough start in life, but is excited to start a new future with an awesome forever home!

Treasure Thursday Featured Dog Selena from Animal Rescue Foundation

She's just as pretty as they come! If you would like to learn more about Selena and see a couple more photos, please visit her page! But, if you are looking for another type of dog or even for a kitty cat, Animal Rescue Foundation has you covered. Their other available dogs and cats can be found here!

Treasure Thursday Animal Rescue Foundation

Even if you don't live around these wonderful rescue organizations, please think about adopting over shopping for you next best friend! Believe me when I say that there are thousands of animals in shelters across the country that are just waiting for you to take them home! 

Thanks for taking a look at Treasure Thursday!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - ToysRMe

If you know me, you know I LOVE my toys: balls, ribbon, stuffies, squeakers, socks and more! I usually like to hoard them from my brothers, just in case! My three favorite are my lion, bunny, and bone (I have to sleep with them at night!)

This is my toy box, which is normally empty!

Destruction of toys and box...

Ok, I chose this ball!
Never mind, I want both balls!

Meet Birdie and Triangle!

This is Stuffy Bone and Chewy Bone

And finally Lion, he's my buddy!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and make sure to chew on a stuffy! :-D

Monday, August 27, 2012


I wasn't born yet, but some of you might remember those classic MasterCard Priceless commercials?! Well, now that Ginger is back from the vet, Domeek and I came up with our very own! ;-)

Hospitalization for 3 Days: $194.40
Insuilin and Needles for a Month: $178.00
Injections: $172.8
Blood Panel: $158.40
IV Fluid and Catheter: $151.20
2 Office Exams: $90
Blood Glucose Tests: $81
Anti-biotics: $40.90
Subcutaneous Fluids: $39.60

Having Ginger back home and as healthy as can be...

Now that Domeek's jaw has been picked up off the floor (after seeing what the damage was at the vet's) we are now all very happy that the fourth member of the family is back where he should be! :-) Ginger now has to be on a non-carbohydrate, aka a wet food only, diet and needs an insulin shot at breakfast time. We are also going back to the vet's on Thursday morning, since his insulin levels will need to be altered over the first couple of weeks! Ginger is a bit angry about the whole situation and is a little needy, but other than that, he appears to be as healthy as expected!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Etsy) Things

Happy Monday Friends!!

I hope you all got a chance to celebrate National Dog Day! I spent the day relaxing, sleeping in, eating lots of delicious goodies (can you say "pancakes" and "meatballs"?), and hanging out with my friends and family. All in all, it was a perfect day! :-D

Domeek is working and then picking Ginger up from the vet, so in order to counteract a big case of the Mondays I went online window shopping, looking through all of the newest goodies on Etsy!!! Ooooo, there is some fun stuff available right now!!

These are a few of my favorite things [hehehe, I'm singing this]:

Me-N-The Tag Set - Adoption by IvysPets

Not only is this a really cool identification tag for both cats and dogs, but the other section of the tag is a nifty key-chain for your human (I'm guessing so that other dogs can identify them as your property). I love it!

Harness with Flower or Bow Tie by Learned Stitichworks

So, normally I don't like anything that's too foofy or not-dog-like, but if your human is going to stick a flower on you then this is the way to do it! I really like the colors and the style of the harness!

Wine Crate Pet Bed by RagsIIRiches

This one is really for humans like Domeek, she loves her wine and thought that this was the cutest way to introduce it into a doggy or kitty design style (cause, you know, we aren't allowed the alcohols)! I like that the bed is raised and that the pillow looks pretty darn fluffy! 

Dog Tail Leash Holder by AplombDesigns

I love the colors, words, and Dog Butt (hehehehe)...who wouldn't want their favorite leash hanging from such a funny sign?! I know I would!!!

Dog Crate Cover Ensemble by Lmikel

I have a confession...I really don't like going in crates! I get super duper nervous, but, if I had a snazy ensemble like this then maybe I wouldn't feel so uncomfortable! Two pillows, a soft bed, and curtains, whoa that's nicer than Domeek's bed! ;-)

Catnip Vampire Bat by SmallWonderArt

This one is for my kitty friends! Since Halloween is just around the corner, I got super excited when I saw this awesome catnip toy! How cool and scary is he?! I want one too, even though I would destroy it in about 2 minutes! Maybe my brothers will get it for a gift and then I can "borrow" it? :-D

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Happy National Dog Day

This is possibly the coolest national holiday I have ever heard's a day all about Me! 

National Dog Day was created in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a pet lifestyle expert and author, who believed that dogs deserved more honor and respect than humans gave them on a regular day-to-day basis! I totally concur with this idea!

The organization and holiday also believes in educating yourself on the breed that you are thinking about living with, researching local pure-breed rescues and shelters, and then adopting your future furry family member! They are also pro-any breed! If you check out their website, they are providing discounts on all dog related flower arrangements at 1800 Flowers, as well as giving away a free iPhone app ShakyPlanet.

So, the real question is, How are you celebrating this most awesome day? Some options include:
  • Volunteer with a dog rescue in your area
  • Donate blankets, toys, food, ect to your local animal shelter
  • Donate money to a dog in need
  • Spend some extra, quality time with your own pup
  • Bake a special something for that beloved fluffy one
  • Vow to walk your buddy everyday, no matter how tired you are or what the weather is like
  • Take a few minutes to create a DIY pull-toy
  • Host a BBQ and invite all your friends and furry ones to celebrate
  • Sign up for pet CPR class
We are going to be spending some time at my favorite doggy park, celebrating with some of my bestest friends, making some chicken meatloaf, and donating some gently used home stuff to our local shelter!

I hope you have a wonderful National Dog Day! But make sure to give your Mammas and Daddies a big hug and smooch because you are some lucky pups!  

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life...Crazy Times!

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday (well, for some of you, Happy Sunday)! :-D

As some of you might know from Facebook, my poor brother Ginger has had lots of medical issues pop up in the last couple of days. We had to take him to the vet on Friday afternoon because he stopped eating, drinking, and didn't feel good at all! He had a high temperature and was pretty dehydrated, so while the vets were waiting on blood results, they wanted him to stay overnight. This morning he was diagnosed with diabetes, pancreatitis, and (maybe) a bladder, now he has to stay at the vet for the rest of the weekend. Its a lot of information for a little 10 month old to understand, but Domeek says that he will be alright with the correct medications. She'll be discussing treatment options with Dr. Cathy on Monday afternoon. Have any of you had to deal with any/all of these problems?

After hearing back from the vet, Domeek decided that we needed to get out of the house, so we stuck with our plan and headed off to the San Francisco Animal Care and Control event off of Pier 40. And I am SO glad that we did, it was so much fun!

There were a ton of dogs available for adoption from both ACC and Grateful Dog Rescue and I got to sniff and "play" with them all!!! There were two small, fluffy dogs that I liked especially, which meant that all of the volunteers kept asking Domeek if she might be interested in bringing one (or both) of them home. Domeek just laughed and said "not today, sorry!". She also got to hang out with an old friend from Family Dog, who is now the evaluator of ACC, congrats to Mary on the newish position! I liked meeting her a lot! :-D

I was given a goodie bag from Pawtrero, a family owned pet store in San Francisco, and I knew immediately that it was for I kept trying to get into the bag until eventually Domeek gave up and gave me some of their Stella & Chewy's "Super Beef" Freeze Dried Dinner. I loved it...yum yum yum!

If you are a sailing fan, the America's cup boats were doing a Dock-Out Show for AT&T park's patrons while we were hanging can (just about) see the different flags flying in the background!

After grabbing a cup of coffee, we headed off to a birthday party where I got to meet two new friends - Bella, the pretty but insecure sheltie, and Stinker (hehehe...I laughed so hard when his Mom introduced us) the fluffy Pom! Domeek didn't get a photo, cause she felt weird pulling out the camera, but we had lots of romps and plays! And now I am back home, exhausted, but happy! I hope you all had wonderful adventures as well, have a great evening everyone!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Stanford Fun and Friday Links

Hey look at me, I'm a college student! Hehehe, well not yet, I still have to pass advanced obedience! 

While grandma was at her doctor's appointment, Domeek and I went exploring Stanford University's trails. We had no clue there was so much to see and do at a school! It was pretty amazing! There were tons and tons of trees to sniff...

A garden made entirely out of cactus (those were a bit more painful to get a good sniff in)

And a huge stone building that Domeek said was called a mausoleum. I didn't like that building too much, there were two giant troll sphinxes guarding it and a giant monster waiting for me on the side!

Whoa, I did my best to show how big I was by growling and barking at them...but I'm amazed I made it out alive! Phew! I'll be on my guard next time!

I had a great time though!

Friday Links:
Since today is Friday, I thought I would pass along some interesting news, events, and ideas that were going around the world wide web this week!
  • Petco just released a video about emergencies preparedness and pets, but if you want more ideas check out the ASPCA
  • Michigan is on its way to becoming the very first No-Kill state in the country, so far 11 communities are on board!
  • The SF/ACC is hosting the pre-event for AT&T's Dog Days at the Ballpark this Saturday between 11am and 2pm...lots of activities, food, and caffeine! I'm going to be there too!
  • Via BlogPaws, "How user-friendly is your blog?" I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything the author said, then I went and fiddled with my blog! 
  • Curry Chicken Meatloaf? Um, yes, don't mind if I do! :-) Need some recipe inspiration for your human, then look no further! 
  • This illustration, by one of my favorite artists, Lili Chin, is hilarious...Domeek says that they all are true! 
  • Here's a link to a ton of pet related Friday Freebies going on in the blog world...including: a three month membership to (totally entered this one), a custom cartoon of you by, and Petco puppy backpacks! 
  • Lots of you already get them in the mail, but Groupon is doing an almost 50% off deal for Barkbox! Domeek just signed me up! Yeah!

Have a great Friday everyone!!