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Friday, September 27, 2013

Check Out My New Ride...

Domeek surprised me after work last night with a new toy...except this one was waaaaay cooler than a normal toy!! :-D

Freckles the Dog Snoozer

It's called the Snoozer Rear Bike Basket Carrier!!

Since the weather is getting cooler now, we decided that it's time to start bike riding (a new experience for moi)...some of you larger dogs might run beside the bike with a bike attachment, but I have bad knees and am a little bit too small to do this! So, Domeek went ahead and got me a fun new carrier!!

There are a lot of choices available on the market...most of which are super cute and attached to the front of the bicycle (Sleepypod, Snoozer, Solvit, and PetGear are just a few examples) and then two wheelers that look like kids bike carriers. The only problem with 3/4 of the options are that they are geared towards pups that are 13-15 lbs maximum...well, I'm 15 lbs and have pretty long legs, so if I gain even an ounce or more of weight, I'm too heavy for them and then there's safety issues! :-( This just wasn't a chance that Domeek was willing to take! Sleepypod is a fantastic option, but they were out of our price range.

So, Domeek decided to get the Rear Bike Basket Carrier!! As long as you get a bike rack, this carrier can hold pups up to 24 pounds in weight, which is almost 10 pounds heavier than the other options! :-)

Freckles the Dog Snoozer

Considering that we have the Snoozer Lookout II for my car seat, Domeek knew that I would love this one, especially since they are almost identical!!

Freckles the Dog Snoozer

Although it looks incredibly large in the photos, the carrier has small square footage for the tush so if you are a pup with a big rear end, this might not be the best option for you! Sir Mix-A-Lot loved the butts, but Snoozer doesn't feel the same way. ;-)

Freckles the Dog Snoozer
Ginger is totally photo bombing all my shots today...grrrr!

Considering I don't have a the greatest love for bikes, Domeek was a bit worried that I might not enjoy being near, let alone sitting on one of them...but luckily for her, I like to feel the wind in my fur and the speed in my ears! ;-)

Freckles the Dog Snoozer
Remember to wear a harness when using a bike carrier...we weren't riding when these photos were taken.

I took to the carrier, like a duck to water!! :-D We went on a quick practice run around the block, to make sure that I was cool with riding...then when we came back, I asked Domeek almost immediately to put me back on the we went back out again! 

Freckles the Dog Snoozer

We cycled about a mile and a half away to a nifty neighborhood park, where I got to run around and smell a ton of peemail...

Freckles the Dog

then it was back on the bike again - heading back home! 

Freckles the Dog Snoozer

All in all, this was a wonderful first experience riding a bicycle..and I didn't even have to use training wheels to begin with! ;-) Muahaha!! 

So here are my thoughts on the Snoozer Rear Bike Basket Carrier:

~ Super, duper comfortable and plush
~ Removable and washable cover
~ Has a fantastic reflective stripe across the back for evening rides
~ The carrier doesn't has three straps that hold it in place on the bike frame
~ The price is comparable to most bike carriers
~ Holds pups up to 24 pounds

~ The tush circumference thing...
~ Although waterproof, the carrier doesn't have a rain cover like others in the Snoozer line
~ It's rear facing, which means that you can't keep a constant eye on the furry one

All in all though, a wonderful product!! I can't wait to get back out on the road again!! Perhaps, one day, we'll be able to get a photo of us both on the bike...a little hard when you don't have another human around! ;-) We're going to head out to the Bay this weekend! 

So, I know a couple of you have a two wheeler, but do any of you ride on the bike with your pawrent? What do you use?

Oh yeah, we bought the one asked us to do a review! Just loved it and wanted to let you all know about it! ;-)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remember Me Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Some of you might already know, but today is Remember Me Thursday, a day that has been set aside to bring awareness to all the animals who have been and currently are sitting inside of shelters and rescue groups across the country (and world) just waiting for their forever home to come and pick them up!

All across the nation today, people are coming together virtually or in person for candle lighting ceremonies!

Freckles the Dog

Even though lots of cities and counties are now turning towards the "no kill" shelter movement, over 3.4 million animals are still euthanized each year...just waiting...(Source: The Humane Society of the United States 2013) :-(

Just look at those adorable faces!! ;-)

Freckles the Dog

Here are some of the adorable pups that Domeek has worked with, in the past, at shelters!

Considering that there are over 164 million different pets in the US, but only 30% of them come from rescue facilities, we need to start to bring awareness to all the pups and kittens that are spending each night in a shelters and not in warm and loving homes!

Can you help and get this movement rolling?

The Helen Woodward Animal Center invites you to take part and spread the word - from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest! :-D I encourage you to take a few minutes, light a virtual candle, and dedicate the rest of today to all those shelter animals lost and waiting!

Freckles the Dog

I just lit my candle...will you join me? :-D

PeeS...for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter, due to the incredible generosity of a few people, I have surpassed my fundraising goal!! WhooPee!! All the pups and kittens at the Humane Society will be sooooo grateful! Thank you all!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - We...Just...Can't!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! I hope that you are having a pawesome week so far!

So, normally I follow the rules of the whole "Wordless Wednesday BlogHop" but this week, I just can't! I'm sorry! I have too much to say, well Domeek says that this is normal for me, but bare with me!

While we were at Bark in the Park last weekend (huddled under the semi-shelter of a tree), we happened upon a volunteer from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. This poor woman was being sent out in the downpour to tell everyone about an upcoming fundraiser and event that they were hosting and trying to find people and pups to sign up! Well, as you all know, I wasn't going anywhere she had a captive audience with Domeek and I!

Needless to say, after a few minutes, we were both excited and happily signed up!

Freckles the Dog

Walk 'n Wag is an annual 5K walk/jog and festival that the Humane Society puts on at Hellyer County Park in San Jose. The park not only has 354 acres, a creek, hosts tons of half marathons, but also has a fantabulous dog park that lots of people and pups love! :-D

Freckles the Dog
Borrowed from the HSSV website

Now, there are a ton of rescue groups and shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area that all need love and support...but let me tell you why the Humane Society of Silicon Valley totally and utterly rocks ;-) :

1. Some of my bestest friends in the entire world found their forever homes through the Humane Society of Silicon Valley!
2. HSSV finds homes for over 3,000 animals each year...that's a load of pups and kittens that needed lovin'!! 
3. HSSV takes in an additional 1,000 animals each year from other rescue groups in the area that need help!
4. They believe in helping out the community! 
  • They provide spaying and neutering for over 7,000 animals each year.
  • They offer discounts to military families and seniors in the county that want to adopt a new family member.
  • They teach humane education to over 8,000 kids per year and have even created a program aimed at the underserved youth in the area!
  • AND they provide free pet food to families in need that want to keep their pets in their homes!!

These are just a few of the pawesome facts about the Humane Society! :-D Feel free to buzz along their website or Twitter to discover more fab information about them!

Now, the real question can you help out?!

Freckles the Dog

Well, let's can spread the word about them, their event, or even your own local Humane Society on social media (cause, that's just easy!!)!

Freckles the Dog

If you live in the can always join a team or register as an individual and walk alongside us!! ;-) The more the merrier after all!!

Freckles the Dog

Of...if you feel incredibly generous and want to help out...

You can support Domeek and my 5K!!! 

(Click on the link to read our personal story!)

We only have 11 days before the event, but are trying to raise as much money as possible for all those pups and kittens that need fantastic homes and all of the other wonderful programs that the HSSV offers to the community...but remember that we can only do so with your help!! ;-)

Either way, Domeek and I will be at Hellyer Park on October 5th with our bells on...ready to cause some ruckus on that journey!! 

Thanks to everyone's support and we can't wait to show you the photos!! :-D

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bark in the Park...

For the record, I did not Bark in the Park this year!

Instead, I:


Freckles the Dog
One of five nice minutes...


Freckles the Dog


Freckles the Dog


Freckles the Dog

acted pathetically...

Freckles the Dog

and became soaked!!

Freckles the Dog

That's right my friends! I did not get to meet a ton of new doggie friends, I did not get to watch or learn the art of Flyball, and I did not get to eat tons of tasty treats! Instead, I had to wear my raincoat, run from tree to tree, and hope that the rain gods stopped pouring water on us - they did not listen!! We were at the park for 2 hours and we only got a few minutes of clear skies before the heavens opened and rain poured down! :-(

I do not like the rain...I practically refuse to move in the rain...which meant that Domeek got covered in my muddy paw prints, but I just told her that's what happens when you show up in a light covered jacket! ;-)

Sadly Bark in the Park, an event that has never seen rain, got rained out on Saturday!! When we were leaving almost all the vendors were packing up, most had lost quite a bit of their edible products...I offered to help out and eat them, but they all politely refused!

It was soooooo sad! Oh well, Domeek says that there's always next year!

I just hope this isn't an omen for the rest of Fall

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Holy Swag Batman!!

Happy Happy Friday Everyone!!

My dog, first off let me just complain that Domeek didn't get home in time for the dog park last night because Armageddon was happening on the Bay Area took her one whole hour to drive 2 miles from work to home! Isn't that insane?! I complained a bunch to her, but she didn't listen or care!! Pft! Instead, we just had a long walk around the neighborhood...but it just wasn't the same! Boo! :-(

Luckily though, there were 3 boxes waiting on the doorstep and guess what?! They were all for ME!! Yeah baby! :-D

Two of the boxes were my prizes from EventBarkers and Dr. Emmo after the #Pet1stAid Twitter party!

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog

Yeah, I'm a bit impatient when it comes to packages...sometimes I think that Domeek's boxes are mine too, then I get mad! ;-)

Freckles the Dog

Dr. Emmo sent me a ton of their first aid products including: wound rinse, wound gel, ear rinse, and eye rinse! What's great about their products is that they are all safe to lick and sting free, which means no owies! Ok, so maybe I don't want to get hurt, but man, if I do...I'm soooooo set!! ;-) Hehehe!

Freckles the Dog

Then the seriously pawesome EventBarkers sent me a whole bunch of their sponsors' products! Eeekk!!

Freckles the Dog

Impatience showing again! ;-) This little guy is a Petlinks scents of security toy. When your pawrent leaves, they can put a piece of clothing or personal item inside of him, then you'll feel happy and secure like he/she is with you!

Freckles the Dog

I was also lucky enough to receive a Gamma2 travel pet food container...hehehe, it looks massive next to me, but it holds more than 6 cups of pup food in an airtight and fresh sealed container! Not only great for traveling, but also to keep in your ever-growing disaster or first aid kit! ;-)

Freckles the Dog

Finally, the package included a bunch of pet first aid tips (which I'm totally reading in the photo above) from the super knowledgeable Arden Moore and a reusable pet bandage from Healer's Pet Care! I'm pretty sure that thanks to this win and a product from my latest Barkbox (the third package) my first aid kit is completely and utterly complete!! WooHoo!

Freckles the Dog

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Twitter party...I learnt soooooo much!

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend...I'm off to Bark in the Park on Saturday morning where I hope to at least take a look at a Flyball demonstration (if not participate in a clinic that the group is offering), check out all the latest local dog and cat vendors, and listen to a couple of great talks (one, hopefully from my favoritist doggie trainer!). I just hope that it doesn't rain too much! Then on Sunday evening, I'm off to cousin Pippi's house for a playdate and dinner! Whoop Whoop!!

Take care everyone!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Sea Breeze

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

On Saturday, Domeek woke me up super duper early...we packed into the car and drove to the beach!! :-D Yeah!!! I love, love, love the beach!!

Unfortunately, it wasn't a warm and sunny day...quite the opposite in fact (Fall is in the air), but we still had the bestest time ever!

Freckles the Dog
 Hehe, yeah, I might have been chasing those birds!

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog
Practicing my recall...yes?!

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog
We saw lots of jellies and even a live crab crawling back into the ocean!

Freckles the Dog

Freckles the Dog
Evil current!! :-/ Grrr, ruff!!!

Freckles the Dog

Thanks for hopping by everyone, have a wonderful rest of the day!! :-D

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Buddy...My Buddy

Happy Monday and Tuesday Everyone!!!

I can't believe it, but Domeek and I met almost 2 years ago! I like to say that it was love at first sight...however she sees things a bit differently.

Freckles the Dog

She likes to reminisce about being kept up all night long for 3 months (it wasn't my fault at all, I swear, it was my siblings), having to clean up our messes all day long, and constantly having to give tons of love to each of us (where's the problem?).

Freckles the Dog

Now, as you all know, we can't get enough of each other!

Freckles the Dog

Of course, my friends over at the Uncommon Dog have another perspective on how humans became BFF's with their pups! They recently contacted me regarding a fantabulous info-graphic that they just created called "How Dogs Became Our Best Friends".

Freckles the Dog

Research and scientific findings have recently defined how we became an integral part of human society...I'm personally a big fan of how they refer to us as rescuers, trackers, watchers, and guides! Yep, I can definitely see it!!! ;-)

Thanks to the Uncommon Dog for creating such a beautiful and interesting graphic!

Have a great day everyone and take a little time to give some lovin' to your BFF!!! :-D

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Quick, Call For Help...Someone Stole My Furs!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

This morning didn't start off well...I was woken up and after a quick pee outside, I had a BATH! I wasn't even fully awake!! :-/

I was so sad!

But the worst was still to come!

After Domeek's yoga class and my fur drying, Aunty Nilla came over with...I can barely say the word...the Clippers!! :-( Noooooo...say it ain't so!!!

Now it's been a really long time since I went to the groomers, like almost a year, so my furs have been seriously going crazy, as you've probably been noticing in some of my last posts! But to help remind you, this is what I looked like this morning before getting a bath.

Freckles the Dog

Me, in all my crazy glory!! ;-)

Then, this happened!

Freckles the Dog

The Fur Stealer!!! There's like a whole other Freckles in there...and this wasn't even all of it!!

Freckles the Dog

Now, this is what I look like...I'm naked!!!

Domeek's pretty happy with her first clip job, apparently there's still a couple of random furs that need to be trimmed, but other than that, I'm finished.

Freckles the Dog

So, don't mind me while I sleep the trauma off from this morning!! Man, the hardships of pups...I tell ya!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pet First Aid Twitter Party

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! :-D

I'm opting out of the regularly scheduled Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop today due to the unforeseen yet amazing information that I received last night on my very first Twitter party! :-) I saw a couple of you tweeting, but just in case you missed any and all of the crazy tips let me catch you up!

Freckles the Dog

First up, let me tell you, those Twitter parties sure are confusing to begin with! Holy cannoli, I haven't concentrated that hard in a really long time! ;-) 

We spent quite a bit of the event discussing tips and suggestions to do with evacuations and natural disasters. Since I live in California, the possibility of earthquakes is always on my mind (especially after being in the 1989 quake...haha, not me, but Domeek), but we received a ton of information on tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, and earthquakes!

Freckles the Dog

Here are a few general key points that the attendees brought up:

  • Familiarize a friend/neighbor/relative with your pets in case of a sudden absence or inability to return home during a disaster.
  • Designate a room or closet as a "safe room" and put all of your evacuation/pet first aid/supplies there!
  • Set aside an old duffel bag or suitcase and place all supplies inside, for quick and safe evacuation (I have three: 1 small for the car, 1 small for the house, and a large evacuation kit...anally retentive much? Haha).
  • If you evacuate, do so early. Natural disasters are frightening, so this will appease your pets and minimize stress.
  • Make a list of all pet-friendly shelters and hotels, that are outside of the disaster zone, and their requirements.
  • If you don't have a kennel available in a pinch, zip tie together two laundry baskets for makeshift kennel.
  • Keep all pets in sight and be calm, animals read their humans' energies! 
  • Have an evacuation plan prepared ahead of time and Practice, Practice, Practice!

I've always been petrified of tornadoes, so I was incredibly interested to hear these tips!
  • Have a kennel at the ready; many animals have been found (after a tornado) safely inside their kennel!
  • If caught unaware, place kennels underneath heavy furniture and away from windows.
  • Make sure that you and your pet practice listening and responding to a tornado warning, especially since the warning signals can be very frightening to hear.
  • Consider training your dog or cat to go to a specific "safe" zone when they hear a tornado warning siren.

Freckles the Dog

Of course, there were a lot of discussions regarding general pet first aid as well! Since Dr. Emmo was the sponsor of the party, I learned quite a bit about their first aid products that sound amazing! 
  • I always forget, but a great reminder about keeping hydrogen peroxide on hand and in your first aid kit: 1 tablespoon per 25 pounds of pet, repeated every 10 minutes, in case they ingest something bad!
  • Put toxic chemicals and household products away from pets, if you live in a high wind or earthquake area, consider using childproof locks on cabinets as well (we do!).
  • If you are traveling with your pets, remember to keep up-to-date photos on hand (either hard copy or on your cell phone) in case of an escape! 
  • Never pull a string out of the mouth (or the tush) of a pet, it can cause internal injuries...this goes for Christmas tinsel as well!
  • To easy your pet's anxiety, make sure to place a personal item with your scent on it, inside of their crate/carrier.

Overall, this was an incredibly interesting and time worthy event, so I'm glad that Domeek was able to attend! If you're interested in hearing more, just search #Pet1stAid in Twitter and read all about it! :-D 

Dr. Emmo is giving away their First Aid Travel Packs to everyone interested, including: 2 oz travel containers of both wound care wash and wound care gel, all you have to do is pay $3 in shipping charges. They are also offering 30% off all orders between now and September 30th, with the coupon code: pet1staid at checkout. :-D It's never too early to get an evacuation or emergency kit together...this might be a great start! 

I was so impressed with the doxies from You Did What With Your Weiner and their car emergency might want to check their list out too! :-D

So, do you have any tips or suggestions to add and do you have an emergency plan prepared?! 

Have a great day everyone!! :-)

Freckles the Dog

PS. Just in case you forgot what I looked like! ;-)