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Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Camping We Will Go...

Happy Friday Everyone!! :-D

A couple of random things: 

I had such a wonderful time at the dog park last night; I got to meet up with a couple of my oldest friends (Rizzo, Buddy, and Ricco) and run around insanely! It was so much fun, it's just sad that the evenings are coming to a close earlier was practically dark at 7:45! Aw, the perils of Fall!

I've been loving reading all the blog posts and tweets about all my friends' experiences at BarkWorld.. It looks like such an pawesome conference! I can't wait to hear more!

FYI, on Saturday, Petco is going to be hosting a Summer Snow Day at 8 different stores across the country. The stores are going to be giving away free puppy ice cream, Kong demonstrations, food samples, and will be having training demonstrations...along with...a temporary snow park for your pup!! OMD...I can't wait!! I'm so happy, one of the stores is only about 30 minutes north, so Domeek, Pippi, and me are going to go and have some fun in the snow! :-D Make sure to see if there's a store near you participating!


Freckles the Dog

Ok, onto the fun stuff...Domeek and I have finally decided that we are going to start camping! I know, most of you will be saying, but you missed the summer! Pft, no worries, I can't stand the heat - Fall is a waaaay better season anyways! ;-)

So, because we don't have any equipment and no one in our family actually camps, we have a couple of questions for all you camping fans!! :-D

First off - Tents! We'd love to hear what tents and brands you've all been happy with! Currently we're looking at the Coleman Sundome and the Suisse Sport Yosemite...both are in our budget, have pretty good reviews, are the right size/weight, and are readily available. Buuuut, if any of you have had issues or anything with them, we'd love to hear!

Freckles the DogFreckles the Dog

Secondly - Camp Stoves! Ok, Domeek has absolutely No experience with these things! So we are running around blind! :-/ Hm! I like food...does anyone have any suggestions that would stop me from starving?! Should we use a single burner, double burner, match start...? The longest time we'd be camping would be a long weekend! Eeek!!

Freckles the Dog
Um, Noms!!! ;-)

Thirdly - Tips/Suggestions/Randomness/Things You Wish You Knew when it comes to beginning camping (in general)!

Freckles the Dog
Muahaha, yes, I would sacrifice a child over moi! ;-)

Thanks so much in advance guys!! :-D We're looking forward to going, enjoying the great outdoors, hiking, and being one with nature soon!!!


  1. O...M...D!! Mom is CRYING with laughter at that mountain lion poster!!!

    Freckles, dude, we've said it before & we're gonna bark it again: you live the life!! What fun - park visits, summer snow AND now camping too!!

  2. We don't do camping Goose so we can not give you any tips. But we say make sure to pack loads of foodbales and treats when you go and make sure the wild critters don't get them. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. You need to talk to my girlfriend - the beautiful Miss Katie - she and her Mom go camping all the time and she can tell you which tent she uses (it even has the perfect doggie window!)

  4. Mom and dad have camped many times. Mom says you don't need a big tent until the first time you run into rainy weather and then you can't have a tent big enough! She says she is too old to sleep on the ground (a blow up cushion is nice but have a repair kit). Finally mom and dad bought a trailer and it has all the conveniences of home. Mom says it is pawfect.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. A Summer Snowfest! We'd be in that if we could. We don't know anything about real camping because we camp at a kennel....BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. OK, here goes, Dad does camping. Make sure you get a tent that will sleep four, cause the floor space is not what you think. Cooking, get a Coleman 2 burner propane, easy to hook up , light weight and easy to use. If you can buy a thermarest mattress, self inflating best I found is their 2" version about 109 dollars, but well worth the good sleep, get a sleeping bag with at least a 40 degree rating, more if you expect cold weather. Take summer and winter clothes, you never know! Best thing, put all your stuff in plastic tubs with latching lids, IT STAY DRY.

    Feel free to email us at

    The Mad Scots

  7. WOW! I agree with everything Susie and Sidebit said! Definitely a tent that sleeps 4 and a 2 burner cooker. And I didn't know about the self inflating mattress..I've been inflating a single size inflatable bed in a bag...which is comfortable and all, but is a pain to inflate. Might have to go find that thermarest. My advice is to camp in your backyard at least once before you go far away...just as a test to see how everything goes up and down (tent) and how you get through the night (your peeps, you'd be surprised how some people freak out over little noises! LOL!) Also take lots of different clothes that you can layer and be prepared to sleep in all of them. Also a hat is good for cool nights...when you're all toasty warm under layers of blankets or sleeping bags but your head sticks out. Just saying. I left my original thoughts in reply to your comment on my blog:

    HAVE FUN!!

  8. Too bad, none of the stores are near us! We hope you have a lot of fun - take pictures! :)

  9. I would but They say we have to make some time tomorrow. We're in Idaho Falls and want to make St. George Utah.

  10. The snow day thing sounds totally cool! Camping is lots of fun and I used to go all the time. But it's been a super long time since I've been and my dad has tons of equipment for camping. Of course, nowadays we have fancy pop-up campers an trailers that you could probably live in if you wanted to lol. I agree that the fall is better for camping. I think that Coleman is a good brand. Or North Face. I remember we have a stove too, I don't remember what style it is but it's a Coleman and I think it has two burners. Or we would build a fire most of the time. We also always had Coleman lanterns but those were kinda old school for today's times I think. We also always played cards when we got bored, but I was young and probably had a short attention span lol.

  11. Camping?! You lucky dog - we LOVE camping. If you are still accepting opinions, here is ours: we don't like either tent. The thing about that style is that the fly doesn't go all the way to the ground so when it rains, the rains drips off and onto the side of the tent and you and your gear get wet! If you are serious about camping, spend the money and get a good quality tent. We have a two person backpacking tent (we do car camping and backpacking). The tent was around $150 about ten years ago but worth it for the quality. As for a stove, all we have is a one burner. Check with outdoor stores for rental equipment and look on line for used equipment and also for camping recipes. If you want more ideas/info, email us at Yes, even blind dogs go camping and backpacking!

  12. Camping sounds like fun, I wonder how I could talk my peeps into trying it...?