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Sunday, September 8, 2013

My First Experience With Camping

Oh my dog, I went on my very first camping trip this weekend...all the way to the...backyard!! :-D It was soooo exciting!

Domeek set up our tent in about 15 minutes, which to be quite honest, was much quicker than I gave her credit for! ;-) Hehehe!

I, of course, helped her set everything up! First, I sat on top of the tent when it was laying down on the ground, then I pulled out the stakes on two sides while she was putting the poles up, and then I kept jumping in the tent when she was putting the rainfly up...muahaha, she was very proud, I could tell! :-D

Freckles the Dog
This was my very first venture inside...while Domeek was still putting the tent up! 

Freckles the Dog
Oooo, this isn't too bad!

Freckles the Dog
Check me out...standing on my inflatable bed!

Freckles the Dog
Yep, the tent looks gigantic comparing it to me...but Domeek says that there's no way in hell that 4 people could fit...she says that me and her were a bit tight! ;-)

Freckles the DOg
Off to bed we go!

Freckles the Dog

Unfortunately there was a lot of noise last night...tons of dogs in our neighborhood are kept outside during the night, so they kept on barking! :-( It was hard to go to sleep, but when the Sandman finally arrived, boy did I zonk out! ;-) 

I was a good boy and stayed on the bed all night long! It wasn't until about 7 am when I finally woke up, asked to go out for a pee, and then came back on in and fell right back asleep again! Hehehe!

Freckles the Dog
Sleep again Domeek?

Freckles the Dog
Um, yes...definitely!!! 

All in all I had a fantastic time!! Oh yes, we will definitely be going camping again! :-D In fact, I can't wait to go into actual nature and hike and camp all weekend long!! 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well! :-)



  1. Great trial run! You've taken to a terrier. Perhaps your four person tent was tried out on those people who they make airline seats for.....very tiny!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. We can see it is very nice and comfy Goose. Great trial run and we so look forward to your adventures. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Ho FUN! You are ready for the "actual" weekend hike adventure. I bet you can't wait. Happy Monday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Dude, I just got back from camping this weekend too!!! We went up to one of our State was so much fun camping, hiking and canoing! You just wait until you go camping in will be sleepy by 8PM and will sleep soundly all night long!
    *high paw*

  5. If you and She can't fit in that tent together, maybe you, Goose, should see Jenny.

  6. Hiya
    I went camping in Tahoe when I was one year old. There was STILL SNOW on the ground so it was very cold. But we had a lot of fun.And I got to snuggle down between my mommys because it was soooo cold. They had my crate and bed in the tent but felt sorry for me.
    All was good until we thought we heard a bear. It was kinda scary - until Mommy #2 discovered it was just the guy in the next space snoring.
    Love Noodles

  7. Good for you! Maybe you could ask the other Goose for some tips?!?!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Good for you! The only camping Mom and I do is in a hotel. :p

  9. EXCELLENT GOOSE! Did I see that you have your own little window too?

  10. Aww what a good helper you are lol! Looks like you two had a pretty good time on your first camping trip in the yard.

  11. Oh, how FABulous is that?!!! OMD! your own air mattress!!! Domeek sure knows how to treat you right! Now, I see that Domeek had that tent set up lickity split, butts I KNOW that she couldn't have done it without YOUR snoopervision. Good Work!
    Now, I know it's rude of those doggies to bark at you when your tryin' to go to sleep, butts it's good, cause there is gonna be all kinds of weird noises out in the woods....I'd keep my ears open for those pesky racoons!! Nasty little buggers!!!
    Anyhu, sure looks like you guys had a FABulous trial run of things....can't wait to see you on the 'real deal'!!
    Ruby ♥

  12. Good for you! (and Domeek too of course!) Backyard camping is a great way to try it out. I won't let the pack see your post because to us air mattresses are unheard of. They would demand them if they knew they existed!

  13. Oh wow, a camping trip in the backyard sounds like fun! Too bad we can't camp in our backyard. Between three dogs, it's kind of... really full of poop, LOL!

    It sure looks like you were of great help to your Human while she was setting up the tent. I agree, 4 people? I'd say it barely fits 1. But then again, I'm a space hog :)

  14. Camping?!? Pawesome!!!

    When my littlest person last set up the thing called "tent", Ojo and I got to snuggle in it too. Ojo didn't want to get out! It was like a Den with all sorts of warm blankies. And the people were lying on the GROUND! How cool is that!

    I'm glad you had fun camping!