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Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Review...A Review...Look, I Haven't Done A Review Before!

When Domeek came home this evening, she said, "Freckles, look who got some mail!" Usually the only mail I get is from the Vet's office, so she can keep those, but this was a different kind of an envelope...a big envelope!

Freckles the Dog with Dog Tag Art

So, I think that we "Oooo" and "Awww" for a moment, cause this envelope has turned into my very first review...ever! I've thought about doing them before, but I've been (shall we say) lazy! After all, I am still a puppy! Yep, that's my excuse and I'm going to stick with it for a couple more months! :-D

Today I'm going to be discussing my experience with Dog Tag Art! Some of you might remember that I was totally lucky enough to win Bert's "Will She, Won't She" contest, where the prize was a free personalized tag from Dog Tag Art! So this review is based on that experience!

First of all, I found that Dog Tag Art's website was an incredibly user friendly experience. If you don't have the time or the creativity to design your own custom creation, they have a plethora of ready-made artwork that is fun to choose from! You can glance through hundreds of designs under different categories such as: breed specific, cats, monograms, patterns, rescue, cetera! I found a couple that I really loved, but I wanted to take full advantage and create my own!

If you are like me, then the "create custom dog tags" tab is definitely for you! :-) It's simple! 
  1. Find a photo or image that you want to use for the front of the tag
  2. Upload the image onto their website
  3. Check to make sure it looks good (I had to adjust the size of the image a couple of times)
  4. Fill in your contact/tag information and select tag size
  5. Hit "Add to Cart"
I know, hard work! ;-) If you get overwhelmed, you can browse through a load of tags that other people have created and get inspired!

The tags only cost $11.99 each and you can choose between a large (1 1/4") and small (7/8") size, because I'm on the littler side, I got the small and it was a perfect fit! An email order confirmation was immediate and the next working day they let me know that they shipped the tag! From initial design to my paws, process and shipping only took 6 days! That impressed me a lot! :-D

But you guys, I'm sure, want to see the real deal!

Here was my design that I uploaded:

Freckles the Dog and Dog Tag Art

And here is how the tag turned out:

Freckles the Dog and Dog Tag Art

In my humble opinion, the design is pretty...exact! :-) And I know, my design totally rocks! Captain America a la Goose!

Freckles the Dog and Dog Tag Art

Freckles the Dog and Dog Tag Art

So, all in all, my opinion of Dog Tag Art is pretty good! I think the process is simple and quick, which are huge highlights for me and Domeek, the actual tag is well constructed and (I believe) will last for quite a while as long as you don't rub the image or words away (haha, no thumbs, so I'm good), and the company is very accessible (Facebook page, Email) just in case you need help!

If I were to find a negative it would be the design style, that is, if you don't create your own. Unlike my current tag, which is pretty sophisticated in an engraved, bronze metal, most of Dog Tag Art's designs are more animated and cartoon-like. But that's what a lot of people desire, so this could be a positive for you! 

There you go...first review = Completed! :-D

Feel free to let me know if you absolutely hate my review and want no more! I won't take it personally! ;-)


  1. Hate your review?! I LOVE IT! It sounds so cool how they can easily make a dog tag like that :)
    Do more reviews for us :)

  2. Great design...and we think it's exact, too! Looks fantastic.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  3. Oh wow, what a cool tag! That's awesome that you won Bert's contest! Enjoy the tag, so cool!!

  4. Good review. Buddy I have been around for a while and I have yet to be offered to to a review. You did a wonderful job.

    1. Pft, hahaha, I did it all by myself! No one asked me. Apparently I'm a ninja reviewer, get in - get out, no one sees you! I just figured this was a fun experience, so let's share with you guys!

  5. You are a lucky boy! That is a very nice tag!

  6. Wow, your tag turned out great. You look very hansom in it!


    PS My person wants me to say that your review was great and she's going to go check out the site now...

  7. Wow, that is pretty cool!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Like the review very much, always looking at everything that somebody reviews, cause we are just to boring Scotties and never get anything to review.

    Your Furends
    Susie & recliner Bites

    Pees; Glad to meet you Captain America A La Goose, thanks for coming over, and we will keep up with your posts.

    1. :-D Pft, Scotties are not boring at all! You guys are awesome and I'm totally glad to meet you guys as well! Have a great weekend!!

  9. That tag looks great!
    I have a pretty tartan tag but the humans are looking for something special for Floyd's tag, I might send them to that site too check it out!

    1. Very cool, I hope that they find the perfect tag for Floyd! :-D (I love tartan too!)

  10. That is adorable! Our dogs don't wear collars; but I have seen these and have started to wonder if they should - I can at least attach them to a harness. :)

    Great job on your first review.