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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Links and Fun Park Stuff

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Thanks for all the cookie and chili support :-D Domeek says though that I did get to lick the chili spoon when it was all said and done (not enough in my opinion) and had a bit of a cookie that fell on the I guess I don't get to complain as much!

This evening I got to go and hang out with all my doggie friends at the park! There were plenty of the regulars and a couple newbies too (including an awesome miniature poodle who loved wrestling with me, yeah)! I've been working on training the regulars with my crazy, tennis ball fanatics for a couple of months now and am happy to report that I brought my ball to three different people and got them to throw it for me! Hehehe...I'm pretty proud about that one!

Freckles the Dog

I've been getting really good at "sitting" before Domeek throws the ball for me...look, how good is that "sit"??? ;-D

That's my crazy "throw the friggin ball" look!!
Freckles the Dog

My buddies Oliver, the black lab, and Cali, the German shepherd, were we went a little nuts! We were ganging up on poor Oliver, I got to box his face while Cali was pulling his tail...hehehe! He totally got us back too! I love hanging out with them!
Freckles the Dog

Now I'm back home, exhausted as normal! Phew...but I have to rest up tonight, because tomorrow morning we start my mini-recall workshop at the Humane Society! I can't wait to meet all those new pups in my class!!! Eeeekkkk!!

Now for my Weekend Links:
  • A sad story about an innocent pup being shot by a police officer is starting an interesting debate: what would you do if a cop shot your dog?
  • California Governor Brown just signed SB 1221 into law, making the use of hounds illegal in hunting bears and bobcats. 
  • A wonderful kitty delivers a beautiful litter of kittens even while a raccoon attacks her! Heroic Mamma!
  • Only one member of the police force left in a New Mexico town...and she's got four legs!
  • A new medicinal ingredient is starting to give hope to pups with cancer! :-D Woo Hoo!
That's it for now, see you all tomorrow with a re-cap of my new class!


  1. Goose I would love to play with you. And way to train the humans. Good job buddy. Have a fantastic Sunday!

  2. Hi Goose No.2, I love your throw-the-friggin'-ball look!!!It was executed to perfection, IMO! And love the weekend links idea. Have a great Sunday.

    Your new blog pal,

    1. Hello there new buddy, Sankissjuice!! Thank you for visiting! Hehehe, I like that look too!

  3. I think we would have a blast if we got to play together with that ball! Have a great Sunday and good job with that sit!

  4. Sounds like a fun group at the dog park! The pictures are so cute :)

  5. If only we lived closer because I love playing and fetching my ball!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Hi Goose and Damook,

    I just read all the weekend links and I want to say this again. It is a very good idea, great read. i got sad with the story of Brad Pitt but uplifted when I read the Science report. Keep it up!

    I'll be back,

  7. I would be super mad if a cop shot Blueberry. She's not threatening at all and anyone who knows her would probably join me in roughing up the cop.

    I think that's great that you can "sit" before ball throwing! And the best news is how you are training new peeps to toss the ball for you! Good work!

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