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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Sorry for the late post today everyone, it's been really busy around here! :-D
Happy Thursday and Happy World Animal/Pet Day! See, look at that...another awesome event in October! :-)

"World Animal Day was started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. October 4 was chosen as World Animal Day as it is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. It celebrates humankind’s unique relationship with the animal kingdom, and acknowledges the numerous ways in which animals enrich our lives."

I totally approve of this awesome day! ;-) I know, for most of you, the fourth is almost over, but there are quite a few events going on in celebration of it! So please check them out!

So, as always, an update from last week's Treasure Thursday!
  • Beautiful King, from Dogs XL Rescue, is still available for adoption. So if you are interested, please check out his personal page!
  • The playful and fun loving Bear, from West Coast Mastiff, is also still available! They've just added some more pictures, so please go and check his big hunka love out! ;-)
  • Finally, the ever stylish Rocky, from Jurassic Bark Rescue is also still available! So, please help us find him a home!!

This week I am featuring rescue groups that focus on helping pups out that have worked most of their lives! I might not approve of some of their jobs, but they are still in dire need of some lovin and some forever homes!

My first featured pup's name is Nobel, who is a gorgeous husky (with two different colored eyes!!) from Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana! The rescue's goal is to place Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, and northern breed mixes in loving, experienced, and secure homes with people who understand and celebrate the unique characteristics of their breeds. Focusing specifically on retired and/or endangered sled dogs from around the country!

Freckles the Dog and Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue

Nobel sounds like an amazing addition to any homes, if you are interested in learning more about him, please feel free to visit his PetFinder adoption page! Northern Lights has many other sled dogs to look at as well, so please visit their available list and scroll through their gorgeous dogs! 

Freckles the Dog Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue

My second featured pup's name is Jack, who is a lovely retired greyhound, from the Golden Gate California Greyhound rescue in Walnut Creek, California. Golden Gate rescue places retired racing greyhounds in adoptive homes in Northern California, including the San Francisco Bay Area, greater Sacramento area and beyond. Their ex-racing greyhounds come primarily from Colorado racetracks, although we also help rescue dogs from Arizona and Mexico. 

Freckles the Dog Golden Gate Greyhound Rescue

The rescue's website doesn't give a lot of information about the specific dogs, but they are more than happy to discuss any and all of them, if you just call their phone number (925-946-0426)! Jack's information along with the rest of their available greyhounds (plus one dog friendly kitty and two random small pups) can be found here

Freckles the Dog and Golden Gate Greyhound Rescue

My third and final featured pup's name is Hayden, a sweet but shy beagle, from Beagle Rescue League in Yardley, Pennsylvania! The rescue's Lab to Leash Division has made unprecedented strides over the past 7 years in working cooperatively with over 11 (and counting) biomedical research facilities, giving beagles used in research a second chance.

Freckles the Dog Beagle Rescue League

The beautiful Hayden's personal adoption page can be found here along with some more photos and even a video of her! :-) The Beagle Rescue League has quite a few beagles in need of forever homes, so please take a look at all of their available pups and see if you can help! 

Freckles the Dog and Beagle Rescue League

These are wonderful organizations that are doing everything that they can to help the less fortunate and overworked pups out! Thanks to all three!! 

And thanks to all of you for visiting and taking a look at Treasure Thursday! Have a wonderful day! :-D


  1. Happy World Animal Day Goose! All of those adoptees are cuties. I sure hope they all find loving forever homes. :)

  2. These look like great organizations!

  3. We did not know dat today was World Animal Day! Our paws is crossed fur Hayden, Jack and Noble to find furever homes soon. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  4. We hope all those pups find their forever families soon.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Happy World Animal Day! MOM would love to take every single one of those pups home. I told her first we would have to get a bigger bed.

  6. hope they find their forever homes! x

  7. Those huskies are gorgeous! Hope you're having a fun Friday!