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Monday, October 15, 2012

We're Going A Little Feline Today...

11 years ago, Alley Cat Allies created a day that would promote human-feline interactions, raise awareness for feral cats, promote Trap-Neuter-Return programs, and recognize all the wonderful Americans who care for these kitties!

Freckles the Dog National Feral Cat Day

Today, October 16th, is National Feral Cat Day!

Do any of you have experience or knowledge about feral cats? There's a great amount of information available on the Alley Cat Allies' website, but let me enlighten you, if you don't!
  • Outdoor cats and humans have commingled and existed together for more than 10,000 years!
  • Feral cats are not socialized with people and generally can not be adopted out!
  • Feral kittens, as long as they are socialized early, can be adopted!
  • More than 70% of all cats that enter US animal controls and shelters are euthanized.
  • Virtually 100% of all feral cats that enter US animal controls and shelters are euthanized!
  • Trapping and killing feral cats does not control or fix the feral cat population problem!
  • Trapping, Neutering, and Returning feral cats not only controls the feral cat population but also makes sure that they are healthy!

Freckles the Dog Pumpkin

You would never guess it now, but my brother, Pumpkin, used to be a feral kitten! When he wandered into our lives, no one could get really close to him, but eventually he succumbed to being our little dude! Now, five years later, look at him! ;-)

Since moving into our new house, we've also been caring for a small colony of feral kitties that were living on the property before we came! Once the babies are old enough, they'll be trapped and taken to the vets for neutering/spaying, ear tipping, and vaccinating.

Freckles the Dog Ferals

Freckles the Dog Ferals

Besides offering food and medical care to the ferals, another part of being a feral cat caretaker is providing the little guys with shelter, so because the weather is changing, we've made two insulated housing containers for them to be warm and dry. We used the Roughneck Homes shelters guide since it was easy to make, used pretty cheap materials, and was quite stable!

Freckles the Dog Feral Cat Shelters
What it looks like inside

Freckles the Dog Ferals
What they really look like...bahahaha! Ok, not the Ritz!

Alley Cat Allies gives a ton of options, both inexpensive and designer quality, for outdoors shelters including pros and cons!

Currently there are 372 National Feral Cat Day events going on all over the world during the next couple of days, including: feral cat education workshops, spay/neuter clinics, thank you parties, and feral cat awareness booths. If you are interested in learning more about TNR or feral cats in general, I encourage you to take a look at all these events and find one that is close to you! :-D

The real question is: what can you do?

Now, not all people are willing or able to care for feral kitties, which is completely understandable! But you can learn how to humanly deal with kitties that are hanging out on your property (if you prefer them elsewhere)! Learn why you shouldn't call animal care and control first, but instead contact one of the many feral cat assistance groups all over the country! Attend a webinar about Helping Cats in your Community (the next occurs on Tuesday, October 23 from 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m). Or become an advocate for both ending the killing of helpless kitties and/or promoting the humane care of ferals!

Freckles the Dog National Feral Cat Day

Thanks for visiting, as always!!! Have a wonderful, feline-friendly Tuesday! :-D


  1. We have loads of feral cats in Australia. This morning we counted eight that live under the school. The people across the street feed them. We told them to get back under the school....we always tell them that.

    We also have a friend in RI who feeds a colony of cats.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    1. Hehehe I don't blame you! I only really like one of our ferals (the black and white), but I can't stand that grey tabby...grrrr, bark!!!

  2. Great post! How lucky your brother Pumpkin was to wander into your lives! :)

  3. awww that's lovely there's such an organisation like that! Happy NFCD :)

  4. We just heard about this today too! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wonderful and informative post Goose. Your Pumpkin brother is very cute. And I like the little houses you build them.

  6. Gosh - those feral kitties sure have it good thanks to you! We don't have any feral kitties in our neighborhood. I once had a kitty that kept coming around to my house and I would feed her since she looked a little on the thin side and sometimes she would let me stroke her (probably not a true feral) but when I finally decided to try and capture her to get her spayed - she never came back. Guess she knew what the kitty carrier was for and decided I was no longer a trustworthy human!

    1. They have like a sixth sense for those kinds of things, huh? We've tried to catch the black and white a couple of times...but he escapes just in the nick of time!

  7. Wows! That was a great post Goose! I didn't know alot of that stuffs! We don't have many feral kitteh's around here, but I am sure glad to see you helpin' em' out! I just love the insulated cubbies you made...genius!
    I thinks Pumpkin is a cutie patootie! Looks like he's prince of the castle! (YOU being 'King' of course!!)



  8. Very good post, hopefully others will take the time to help out some feral kitties. when we move to our farm (fingers crossed for spring!) we will have some feral cats, we've already been in touch with a feral rescue since we have a huge barn. Our little dude Gerrard was found by us in the wilderness as a two or three day kitten. Likely feral but now a spoiled house cat!