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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Good morning everyone, well, ok...afternoon if you really want to get specific! ;-)

Freckles the Dog

Boy oh boy, it's been pretty busy around my house! For the past few weeks, we've been trying to "time the market" right for buying plane tickets to Florida. Alas, it didn't work, unfortunately those darn prices have been skyrocketing lately! But today was the day, we grabbed some tickets and now we are "officially" flying to Orlando for a family wedding right after Christmas!

To think, little old me will be up, up, up in the air in just 2 short months! Whoa! Crazy! Have any of you little dudes flown in cabin? If you have, Domeek and I would really appreciate some info on how you all survived! ;-) If you don't know the blog, DogJaunt, we highly recommend you taking a look if you plan on traveling (boat, plane, train, auto) with your furry baby! Mary-Alice and Chloe (her beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) travel very frequently and have wonderful travel guides to read through along with hotel/transportation reviews and a whole bunch of really interesting things! That's how we got to know about my Sturdi bag, my 3-in-1 harness, and even my Snoozer Lookout booster seat! I guess, I owe them my safety and Domeek's sanity when we travel! ;-)

Unfortunately we will be traveling on American Airlines, which has a lovely bar across the underside of each seat, so we can't really chance my Sturdi bag's measurements. This meant that we had to get a me a new carrier. Luckily Sherpa has partnered with many US airlines and created the Guaranteed On Board program, which states that as long as you follow all the steps outlined, if you are denied access on the flight due to the carrier, Sherpa will reimburse you the entire flight cost and pet travel expenses. That's not a bad guarantee, huh?

So, this is the one we just bought!

Freckles the Dog Sherpa

I like the goes with my fur! ;-)

Well, it's Treasure Thursday, which means that there's a bunch of pups that need our love and attention!

First up, update time!
  • The gorgeous Noble, from Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue, is still available! If you are interested in this boy, please visit his page!
  • Wonderful Jack, from Golden State Greyhound Adoption, is also still available (however, one of the pups, Debbie, who I photo featured below him got adopted) so please visit their site and check him out!
  • Finally, Hayden, from the Beagle Rescue League, is still available and she can be seen here!

My first featured dog's name is Sherman, who is a gorgeous Australian Shepard, currently being fostered with DASH in Dallas, Texas! Their mission is clear: to rescue abandoned dogs from local shelters and match them with loving families and permanent homes in Dallas, North Texas and beyond. The group focuses primarily on Australian shepherds and cattle dogs.

Freckles the Dog DASH

Look at that beautiful smile, how can you resist? :-D Sherman's personal page can be found here but if you are interested in looking at an older pup or perhaps a female, have no fear, DASH has another 20 pups to chose from! Their available dogs can be found on PetFinder!

Freckles the Dog DASH

My second featured pup's name is Ansel, who is being adopted through the Schnauzer Lover Rescue, located in Alabama, but has fosters through all the southern states! They are devoted to finding homes for all Miniature Schnauzers. They help abandoned and unwanted dogs and those whose families need to relinquish their pet!

Freckles the Dog Schnauzers

Look at his beard and mustache, aren't they awesome!? If you would like to learn more about Ansel, please visit his personal page and if you are interested in any of their other awesome mini Schnauzers, please take a look at all their available pups! 

Freckles the Dog schnauzers

My third, and final, featured pup's name is Rider, who is Wire Fox Terrier, and is currently being adopted through the Abandoned Terrier Rescue Association of Southern California, located in the Los Angles area. This rescue specifically works with Wire Fox Terriers, Welsh Terriers, Lakeland Terriers, and Airedale Terriers.

Freckles the Dog Terriers

If you are interested in learning more about the awesome Rider or any other terrier that the group has, then please visit their available terriers' page and search for "Rider"! The only concern with this rescue group is that they only adopt out in their local area, so please beware if you are out of state!

Freckles the Dog Terriers

As always, thank you for taking a look at Treasure Thursday! Have an absolutely wonderful day!!


  1. WOW you get to fly??!! I never have. MOM said she would not want me int he belly of the beast where I could not be near her. But you get to ride in the cabin! That is sooooo cool. And your bag is great. You are all set. Make sure you get an in-flight snack.

    1. If I had to fly in the beast's belly, there's no way Domeek would allow me anywhere near a plane! Too many bad things happen! Ooooo, yeah, in flight snack, now what do I want??? ;-)

  2. We only have experience flying guinea pigs out from Canada to America. It was a pain. I think it is a lot easier for doggies. I have read we should tire them out before the big flught so that can sleep through the entire 'ordeal'. We let piggies have a towel with familiar scent so they felt safe and trained them in their crate weeks before the big day. They were unfazed by the trip. Only the humans stressed and lost sleep.


    1. Haha, I didn't even realize you could fly piggies! Wow, that must have been an eyebrow raise for the passengers! ;-) Thanks for the suggestion about scent, I think I'd like to smell Domeek! :-D

  3. That is a very nice bag! We checked out a few links and will have to look a bit closer because those look like some good products! On another note, are you scared to fly with your humans? Those planes in the sky look like they go really fast!

    Your on-the-ground friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. I really love all my travel goodies, so you should definitely take a closer look! ;-) Yeah, I am a bit scared...but we'll be flying around my bed time, and Domeek plans to take me to the puppy park first (so I can go nuts)!

  4. You are going to fly??!!!??!?!? You will have to tell us all about it! I have not ever flown, and I don't think I can fit under the seats either. Good luck to you!

  5. I came to Ma on a plane...I wasn't happy. Buts, it was in the cargo area with lots of other doggies to b*tch at, so I did! You should have heard the racket I made when I gots to the airport...Ma was a touch embarrassed, but I don't care!
    You should have a MUCH nicer flight in with the peeps!! I am sooo jealous! Have a good time!



  6. I would recommend feeding treats when going up & down and a few times up in the air to relieve ear pressure.


  7. You are a lucky dog getting to be with your mum in the cabin. When we moved to and from Hawaii my girlz (since they're big girlz) had to ride in the belly of the plane. We flew Continental at the time and I did my research!! I was very pleased with the flight to HI, but the return trip was ugly due to poor weather and my Schatzie ended up with a urinary infection due to being in her crate for at least 15 hours and the stress. I was a nervous wreck til I could hug them. The only down side to having a BIG dog--they can't be with you in the main cabin. :(
    Have fun in Florida :)