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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Is, After All, The Time Of Giving!

Freckles the Dog
"Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” ~ Ruth Carter Stapleton

I teased you a couple of days ago by saying that I had a secret, but I couldn't say a word about it! ;-) Some of you guessed that it had to do with tails and ears...well, you were absolutely correct, except not in the way that you were thinking! No, sorry guys, I don't have a new brother or sister (this pup is solo right now, just the way my spoiled tush likes it)! You have to keep reading though...




If you all remember, a few weeks ago I was a part of a wonderful BlogHop that was partnered by Iams Home 4 The HolidaysBlogPaws Be The Change For Pets, and Dr. Jessica Vogelsang of Pawcurious! All they asked bloggers to do, was to take a few minutes and give back to an animal shelter; whether that meant volunteering, donating, or just buying some items from their shelter wish-list!

I decided to create some beds/blankets and kitty toys for the Huffington Post's Sew 4 Sandy project, that they, in turn, sent along to amazing animal shelters that were in need of supplies!

Freckles the Dog

One of those shelters was the Ocean County Animal Facility South in Jackson and Manahawkin, New Jersey, which is the one I chose to write about.

Well, one lucky blogger that was involved with the Shelter Drive-by bloghop was chosen to be featured on the Iams' Facebook page...and, you guessed it...that blogger that was chosen was ME!! :-D I was incredibly honored and delighted that Dr. V and Iams' liked my post enough to chose it!! Thank you all so much! My post will be featured on December 11th, so make sure that you like the Iams' Facebook page so you can see it on the day!! :-D

***BUT, to make this bloghop even more special and amazing, I was contacted by Chloe of BlogPaws just a couple of days ago, letting me know that they had randomly chosen my post for the insane grand pooh-bah of all prizes...the donation of $1000, that's right, you heard me correctly $1000 to my shelter,  the Ocean County Animal Facility South!!!***

I couldn't believe it!! :-D

I would just like to take this second to state, if you don't think that one person or dog can make a difference in this World, then you are sorely mistaken my friends! :-D

Freckles the Dog

What's incredible is that I don't know these people or these animals, I live on the other side of the country, yet their stories touched me enough to chose them to write about! They are an amazing organization and amazing volunteers that deserve to have a little more money to help more animals in need!

Please make sure you check out BlogPaws' wonderful post on the Shelter Drive-By bloghop and little old moi!! :-D

I would also love it, if you could go and check out the Friends of Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter's Facebook page and congratulate them on receiving the donation! I'm pretty sure that they will be ecstatic! :-D

Thank you all so very much for continuously coming back to my little blog and commenting...this has been the best few months of my entire life!! :-D

In honor of this spectacular announcement, I would like to continue passing along the love and spirit of Christmas...SO, I am going to be giving away a $25 donation to 2 (that's right, TWO) commentators' charity of choice (one charity per winner)! :-) Not a ton, but a start to a great season! Just leave a comment with what you consider the spirit of the season to be and you will be entered in the drawing. Only one comment per person/pup please! I'll allow commenting through Friday, December 7th and then I'll chose a winner on Saturday, December 8th!! :-D

I can't wait to read all your comments!!!

Freckles the Dog


  1. Well Goose brother you are amazing and YES you are right it only takes one to get things started to make a difference. I am so proud of you. You make MOM and me smile.
    For me the spirit of Christmas is LOVE. You see love encompasses so much of what this time of year is all about. Things like generosity, compassion, giving, peace, comfort, mercy, hope, beauty, faith, with out love all these other things are made much less and even go away. The spirit of Christmas is love, and when we all love then this spirit carries over to the rest of the year and the world becomes a beautiful place.

  2. You are indeed one amazing doggie and we understand fully the passion for helping shelters. Our Mom makes all kinds of crafty and artsy things that she sells under the name "Wipe Your Paws" and she donates 100% of the profit to our local humane society and also the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. And of coarse the little dweeb Jackson that lives with us - well he had been returned to the humane society three times when we found found him (he wasn't house trained and people didn't like it) - mind you it only tool my Mom a week to teach him but she has the patience of a saint! Anyway keep up the good work little dude! Reilly

  3. Congratulations - and what a great post, Freckles!

    Cokie =^..^=

    Cokie the Cat: Hollywood Insider

  4. $, that's going to help lots of pups! Congratulations.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. I just rread the post from blogpaws! Amazing Goose! You are so wwonderful. The holiday season is all about giving to others and you've done just that!

  6. Your post is just amazing that with your paws that you singlehandly did such a great deed. I have been on IAMS facebook page and I follow it and I will look for you on December 11th. I got your Christmas Card yesterday. Thank you for your card. My cards are still going out.
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. Wow, that is fantastic!! What a wonderful example of how we can make a difference! Thank you for taking the time to do it and letting us know.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. That is just great! We got your card today. Thanks!

  9. You and your mom are awesome Freckles! That is fantastic that you and your charity were selected. I've always felt the real spirit of Christmas is to give of yourself and never expect anything in return.


  10. What a pawsome post Freckles - you make us very proud to be your furiends!

    We received your Christmas card yesterday - thank you so much!

    Licks & love,
    Wally & Sammy

    1. Whoa, really???? I can't believe it! The US post blows, I was hoping that you might get it in 2013!! ;-) Awesome!!

  11. Congratulations, to you pal!
    For me, Christmas is about family and the love we give each other. My humans get together every Christmas to celebrate Jesus's birthday to thank him for each other.

  12. Congrats Goose!! Oh, that is just wonderfuls, they couldn't have picked a betters pup!
    As for the spirit of the season....I haven't had my coffee yets, so I'll be back...