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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Treasure Thursday - Home For The Holidays

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

I'm now officially 20 days out from my Humongous trip...still a bit overwhelming, but I think that we are definitely on the right path! But I do have a quick question for you all: Have any of you used a DAP collar? If so, can you give me some of the company names that you liked? Domeek is thinking that this might be a good option to make sure that I remain calm during take-off and landing, especially since wearing my Thundershirt for that long is not going to work. Thanks!

Freckles the Dog

As it's Thursday, I want to introduce you all to a wonderful shelter/rescue event that is going on around my neck of the woods...but I'm ecstatic to say that programs all across the country are doing similar things as well!

Freckles the Dog Shelters First

Shelters First was created in order to promote adopting your next lovable companion from a rescue or shelter, as opposed to buying them from a breeder or pet shop (boo!!!)!

Currently, in Santa Clara county alone, there are over 1200 animals that are in shelters that need out, yet sadly, only 25% of pet owners adopt through shelters and rescues! :-( So, Shelters First and six participating shelters are coming together to offer all adult animals for the low, low cost of $12!! Their hope is to secure hundreds of animals homes before the Holidays! All six shelters have also committed to not euthanizing one single adoptable animal during this time too!  

The event only started at the beginning of December and already (as of today) 125 dogs and cats have found forever homes!! WooHoo!!! How awesome is that?!

So, I thought that I'd introduce you to a couple of wonderful pups that are up for a $12 adoption fee!

Freckles the Dog Humane Society of Silicon Valley

First up is Misha from the Humane Society of SiliconValley! I have to say that this is an awesome shelter! They have a community dog park, where you have to be a member, be up-to-date on all your vaccinations, and be well manner! If we lived closer, I know Domeek and I would be there all the time! 

Freckles the Dog Misha

Misha is a wonderful 8 and a half year old Rottweiler mix. She's a sweet, older lady looking for a home to call her own. She's a big love bug when she gets to know someone and will lean in to be close to her favorite people. She love treats, especially yummy hot dog treats! Are you looking for a loving and devoted companion? Then look no further, come to HSSV and ask to meet her today!

Isn't she beautiful? If you would like to learn more about Misha or if you want to see a video clip of her, please take a look at her personal page! And if you would like to see all of their $12 adoptables, please visit their availables page!

Next up is the coolest looking haircut on a dog that I have seen in a while...Bam Bam from the San Jose Animal Care Center

Freckles the Dog Bam Bam

They believe that Bam Bam is a Norfolk Terrier mix and has just turned 2! He's an adorable little guy who is hoping to melt your heart when you come to see him. He's very friendly and enjoy being with people. He'd love to have a family to call his own where he would know that he would be well taken care of and get lots of love. He's very gentle and loves to cuddle. Since He's pretty small, he would be easy to take places where his family could have so much fun together. If you are looking for a special guy to join your family and give you lots of love and joy, then how about considering Bam Bam. Spend some 1-1 time with him and get to know the real dude. He'll wait right here for you.

Doesn't he sound absolutely precious? I know I'd love to play with him!! So, if you would like to learn more about Bam Bam please take a look at his page! If you would like to see all of their $12 adoptions, please visit their available animals page!

My last featured adoptable pup's name is Rose who is staying with the Santa Clara County Animal Care and Control. Please don't judge her on her intake photo, I can't believe that they haven't taken a better photo yet! 

Freckles the Dog Rose

Rose is a 2 and a half year old Pit Bull Terrier with a spot on her eye that reminds me of Pete the Pup from the Little Rascals! Rose was surrendered to animal care and control by her owner because he could no longer keep her where he was living. Spending time with her, they have found her to be a very sweet & loving girl. She is calm on lead and ignores the dogs barking at her, but stops to visit nose to nose with the dogs that are not barking at her. Rose is a real doll, please come to the shelter and spend some time with her and you will fall in love..

If you would like to learn more about Rose, please take a look at her personal page and if you would like to see all the rest of the $12 adoptables, take a look at their availables page!

After clicking through all six different shelters' available animals pages, I've come to realize that there are far too many Chihuahuas sitting in kennels right now! Please, if you are considering adopting a little and mighty pup, consider adopting one of them from your local shelter!  

Take a look at the different Holiday discount programs and events that are going on all around the country!

So, if you are thinking about bringing in another member of the family during this Holiday Season, please consider adopting through your local shelter or rescue!

Thanks as always and have a wonderful day!


  1. I am sorry to say I do not know what a DAP Collar is. So I have no advise. No help from me, I know. And thank you for always highlighting such good places that do good things for doggies and kitties.

  2. You're going in a plane? Bella is the only one of us who's been in a plane and we don't think she liked it much.

    We noticed all the cute puppies ready for the Christmas sad. How many will end up in shelters in the future.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Bella & Roxy

  3. Can you get a sedative for the trip? I hope it goes ok for you. I will worry until you arrive safely at your destination. But not now, cause you still have 20 days left! :)

    Cute puppies - we also have lots of adoption events and lowered prices at some of the shelters. Good idea!

  4. We think all the shelters will be having special deals to get as many dogs a forever home! Wouldn't it be great if everyone did? We think you will do well on your trip. We also think your mom should sneak you into the bathroom with her for some treats and pets.

    Your Pals With A Huge Wonderful Post Tomorrow,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Good luck on the plane buddy. So sweet of you to post for homeless pups. Hope they all find forever homes by Christmas.

  6. Hope they all find their homes!

    I haven't used a DAP collar, but could you get a sedative for the trip (if you're not flying in cargo?)

  7. That is very nice of you to highlight local shelters and the pets that need a home for the holidays and forever.

    Good luck on your trip,

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  8. OMD, you're going on a plane!!! Sammy has been on a plane...but the trip was pretty short. We hope you get some advice on a DAP collar - unfortunately we don't know what that is but we are sure that somebuddy in Blogville will be able to help.

    Have a good weekend buddy,
    Wally & Sammy

  9. All pups deserve loving homes... We're all so lucky here in Blogville...