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Monday, January 28, 2013

Ramps and Sunshine

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful week! :-D

I've been enjoying spending time in the sunshine (not to brag with all my snow covered friends listening in), at the puppy park, and at agility class!

On Sunday we added another pawesome station in the mix...the Dog Walk! This one was seriously weird looking, but all us pups kicked that walk's tush!

Freckles the Dog

Apparently we are very lucky pups, because the one we have at school can be lowered to teach new dogs how to correctly use it before making it super tall (and scary!). ;-) Once we learnt how to use the walk, Miss Rachel set up a course with curved lines, the dog walk, a whole bunch of hurdles, and the table! It was soooooo much fun!

While I was in line waiting, I got super impatient, and just kept on barking...hehehe! Miss Rachel laughed and just said that I wanted to earn a Gold Star! ;-)

All of us are doing super well in class too! Miss Rachel keeps on saying that she has to remind us and herself that agility is a hard sport and that not all classes take to it so easily! Hehehe! I'm super sad that next week is our last class, but Domeek has already promised me that we are moving on to Continuing Agility! :-D

Freckles the Dog

A little sunshine for my friends!? ;-)

Freckles the Dog

Well, while I chew on this awesome stick, you all have a great rest of the day! :-D

Freckles the Dog

Take care everyone!


  1. The class look like fun as always Goose. Bark bark we know you enjoy it. Have fun in the sun and have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Agility does look (and sound) fun!!!!
    Enjoy your sunshines :)

  3. Ah... Clear blue skies...been awhile since we saw one......glad you going to continue with your agility

  4. Thanks for a look at the sunshine buddy. It helps me remember what it is like. And super good job on the walking thingy. I also like the stick you are chewing. I have not seen a stick for a long time. All that snow has covered them up. But believe me I will find every one in the Spring.

  5. We have thought about doing agility for awhile. But mom worries about injuries. We think she worries too much!

  6. I think I might like to try some agility someday too. There is nothing much better than relaxing with a good stick.


  7. I wonder if I can do agility. I run around the yard with Molly - over the grass, under the rose bushes, around the garden, up the slide, and so on. Goose, you have inspired me!
    Love Noodles

  8. Hi, What a wonderful class-how fun to learn such neat new tricks. I bet you are wonderful at it. Could you email me where you take this class so I can let my brother know-his border terrier would love it and they live in Los Altos.
    Have a great day!
    Noreen & Hunter

  9. Wow, you get to continue on - wonderful! Mom is trying to teach us to jump through a hoop and we do really well until it is high enough to go under. Then we just go under!

    Your Snowy pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. I am glad you get to continue on with your agility - it's so much fun! I like how you bark to get everyone all pepped up for it! Good job! :)

  11. Oh Goose, I just knew you were gonna ROCK it!! You do know most of us Terriers ARE just know it's in your blood when you boss everyone around and tell em' to 'hurry up'!! BOL (I do it to Ma all the time!! hehehe)
    I certainly am enjoying all this sun Goose, ya know it's gonna get to almost 70 Thur. and Fri.!! Pawsome, indeed.

  12. That place looks like soo much fun! That lighting does it well too!

  13. Good work Goose! We have had a lot of sunshine here too. It's nice but it's been pretty hot :/

  14. We are so impressed!! Well done you & we are happy to see you are enjoying your new fenced in garden!

    Wally & Sammy

  15. Your classes look like great fun Goose!
    I like your name, but if you're owners lost you, they might look a bit daft standing around shouting "Goose! Goose!" :)
    I like chewing sticks too!

  16. Wow! That sounds like lots of fun.

  17. What a great day, Goose! I am so glad your are going to have more agility classes; I just love reading all about them :D