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Monday, January 14, 2013

Studying and Dressing Up?

Happy Monday and Tuesday Everyone!!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day! :-D

Freckles the Dog

Well, as you all remember, Sunday afternoon I had my second agility class. I was soooooo excited to get in the car and drive to school! I knew exactly where we were going! 

Domeek and I were a bit worried though considering that we weren't very good students last week, we kind of pushed our homework to the side. ;-) We did practice our straight and curved lines a couple of days, but the table was another story! 

Before class started, I got to hang out with Pepper, Millie, and Hugo, which was so much fun! We discussed class, agility strategies, and our treat satisfaction! ;-) 

Freckles the Dog

Then when we finally got inside, we noticed that the hurdles or jumps were all set up! OMD, we're jumping? To begin with, Miss Rachel made us all take off the bars, so that we could just get used to the poles and stepping across them. It took quite a few minutes for me to get used to doing this, especially since the humans weren't able to cue us...we again had to figure it out on our own! I decided that what Domeek wanted me to do, was to sit and look at her...and look at her...and look at her...then bark in frustration as to why I wasn't getting a treat! Grrrrr...ruff!!!!! 

Then, I glanced down at the hurdle and voila...cheese was thrown on the other side of the jump! WooHoo!! Cheese!!! Well, needless to say, once I figured out that looking, stepping, or hopping on the other side of the jump meant treat, I was easily going from one side to the other! :-D Then, once we all were happily going across the hurdles, the whole class started walking around the room going through all of the hurdles! We were doing an awesome dance!! 

Then the bars were placed in the hurdles, first at the bottom rail, then at the second, and then more when my classmates were succeeding! :-D I was jumping 8 inches by the end of class!! Oh yeah baby! That's pretty darn high, when you aren't much taller! My classmates' parents were all giggling when, a couple of times, I got stuck in the middle of the bar cause I didn't jump big's cause their pups are all easily double my height or more! 

By the end of class, Miss Rachel had set up three jumps, in a straight line, that we had to go over and then end on the table...the first time, I flat out refused to get on the table...then I chilled out and watched that the other dogs weren't eaten by the evil table! The last run through the course, Miss Rachel had us all put in a sit-stay, then we were unclipped from our leashes, and then we went through the course leash free! Domeek was worried that I might run off and sniff my classmates or go and mark something, but I ran through the course and landed on the table full of nummies...Miss Rachel (and Domeek) was soooooo proud of me and all of my friends!! :-D PASS!! Hehehe!

This week we have to work on jumps (but with broom sticks on the floor), landing on something like a table, walking in straight and curved lines, and working on sit-stay's with our parents turning their backs on us and walking away! Eeek! 

But, as Domeek said yesterday, I had an epiphany during class last night...I finally figured out that agility class is fun, exciting, and delicious! She hopes that I continue with my enthusiasm for the rest of the class! I think I might!! ;-)

So, there you all go! Class Number 2 - Success!! :-D

What's up with the Dressing Up part of today's post title, you ask? 

Freckles the Dog

Well, today (January 14th) is National Dress Your Pet Up Day...did you all wear something? I had to wear a jacket when I went outside to do my business, but other than that...nope, I certainly did not participate! :-P I don't like clothes, so unless it's freezing outside, I like to hang in the buff! Hehehe!

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. You are doing awesome with your agility! Jumping is lots of fun. I had to wear my warm coat outside today because it was freezing. But, other than that, Mom didn't dress me up.

  2. Wow! You are headed for the Olympics fur sure! You are doing so good I bet Domeek bragged about you all day! We can't wait to try our agility poles out and mom is gonna get some other things too BUTT we have to wait until spring for most of it so we can do it in the yard. Agility looks like so much fun!

    Keep Calm & Bark On

    Pee Ess - Are you going to the Blogville Valentine's Day Ball? Me and Stanley are going, we hope we can find some young cute girls to be our dates. We will also hang out with Ernie. We hung out with him at Madi's swearing in ceremony and it was a blast!

  3. You're going to be a super star in agility someday. I just know it.


  4. Hey when you become famous at agility can I have your autograph? Then I can say "Tea, Goose, oh sure I know him. Were pals." Way to go buddy.

  5. Pawsome agility class. You are gonna be a star. We liked the cheese bit. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Well done on your agility class - you really seem to be getting the hang of it!
    Wally & Sammy

  7. Well done with agility, you're getting better and better!!
    Love Milo :)

  8. Agility is like that - sometimes you get a bit bored with it all, sometimes it is so much fun and sometimes everything just falls into place. Stick with it little guy because it really is lots of fun.

  9. Glad you are really starting to warm up to your class! Agility is great and the treats help keep it delicious!

    Blueberry did not wear any clothes today. She also enjoys walking around au natural. And even when it is very cold - like last night when it was 28 degrees - she still found a puddle and walked right into it like it was no big deal. She must be part polar bear or something! She's so tough!

  10. Howdy Little Mate, glad you had fun at agility. Bet you are fast too! We're glad our mum didn't know it was dress up day, phew! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  11. Good for you for doing so well in agility class! Sounds like a fun time, especially if you get treats.

    We didn't know it was dress up day. We never wear anything more than the occasional bandana.

  12. Great job, Goose! All that jumping sounds like so much fun!!