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Friday, October 12, 2012

This Little Goose Went...

Wa Wa Wa, all the way to the Vet's! :-(

This morning I woke up as happy as could be, went outside, got some breakfast and then, boom...Domeek grabbed all my travel stuff and we were out of the door!
Excuse me, I don't leave the house this early! I go back to sleep when you go to work!
She didn't listen to me though! I thought, are we going to the park? No, it's raining! Are we going out for a delicious breakfast? No, it's Friday and not a holiday! Are we going on vacation????? Nope, there weren't any suitcases!

Alas, it didn't hit me until we were driving into the parking lot...

Freckles the Dog Animal Doctors

Oh no...we're at the Vets!!!

Let's backtrack a couple: last Saturday, at my puppy social, I started to lift my back leg up and hop for a few steps, then I put it down and went on playing. I didn't run into any pup or wall and I didn't get bowled over, I just started doing it all by myself. Well, this has continued off and on all week long and last night I just started running around at the dog park on three legs (grrr...arg, I be a pirate!) for about 5 minutes.

I guess Domeek wasn't exactly thrilled my game, so she called the vet this morning and got me an appointment. Wah Wah!

Freckles the Dog Animal Doctors

The Good: I haven't broken or fractured anything! I'm really lean (wolf whistle) and have a great heart and lungs!

The Meh: Looks as though I'm suffering from Patella Luxation.

The Ugly: I have to be on R&R for the next two weeks! What? This means: no puppy social, no dog parks, no going up and down the stairs by myself, no getting into or out of the car by myself, aka NO FUN!! :-P to you Miss Vet!!!

So, what does this mean? 

Well, besides me being completely inconvenienced for the next two weeks (I do have a social life), it also means that I might have to have surgery in the coming months. If I continue to pick up my back leg (even once a month, but especially more than that), my Vet wants me to meet with a surgeon and discuss my options with him/her. They might want to wait until my body has fully matured, or until the disease progresses a bit, or they might feel that surgery now is the best option. It depends!

But for now, it's a whole lot of keep trim, no going crazy, and start taking joint supplements (like Cosequin)!

Oh well, it could have been worse...I might have left the Vet with the cone of shame!!! Ick!! ;-D

Freckles the Dog

Have a great day everyone and have some FUN for me!!!!


  1. Hi Goose, I've heard of this before and as much as I've tried to keep Hunter from jumping on and off the bed, he does it anyway. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you don't need surgery and that rest & the supplement will help.
    Have a quiet but fun weekend.
    Noreen & Hunter

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  3. Oh no no no! What about your play dates and social life!! Try to stay rested and relaxed the next couple of weeks. I hope you are feeling better real soon!

  4. Oh, poor Goose! Blueberry promises to have extra fun on our hikes over the weekend just for you!

    Gaaarrrrr, Goose, you be a fierce pirate indeed!

    Get lots of rest, maybe some chewie toys or kongs will keep you stimulated enough. Or maybe you could get your human to hide treats around the house - only down low so you don't strain yourself. Dr. Blueberry says so cause you don't want to have any surgery if you can avoid it! :)

  5. You poor baby. NO SOCIAL EVENTS???!!! Oh well, if it helps you.... We're glad you didn't get the 'cone' either.

    SHE's impressed with your weight issue. SHE says we look like kegs on legs again.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  6. Oh Noooooo! You cannot do anything!!! Butt, it might be a good idea to follow orders so you can get a good healing!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley.

  7. I know you think it's going to be boring, butt if it helps you get betters and not has to have a surgery than you should do it... Hope your leggy feels better soon!

  8. We will keep paws crossed! We had a horse that had knee problems - but she outgrew them. We will hope things work the same for you.


  9. Oh, dear. Wells, I hope it just gets better and there is no need for the surgeon!! I'll be extra active for ya Goose!! I need to loose weight anyhu, so Ma wants extra walkies and everythings.
    Maybe some extra chewies to keep ya busy!!



  10. Oh dog Goose brother. That IS no fun. I feel ya though. I had surgery Thursday on my leg cuz I got a big gash on my leg when MOM and I went hiking on Wednesday. So now my leg is all stapled up and now I HAVE to be "calm" for at least 10 day. To that I say :P. But you do what you are suppose to, it's for the best.

    1. Oh no!!! I sorry that you had to have surgery!! Take care and Domeek says "try not to lick or the cone will come out!" Man, being a Goose is a hard life, huh?!

  11. Hope both Geese feel better soon! :)

  12. Oh dear Goose! We just found out Freddie has the same knee problems. Yours sounds a lot worse though. We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed that it just gets better and there won't be any surgery. Try to get lots of rest buddy. :)

    1. Oh no, poor Freddie, he certainly doesn't need bad knees too!!! I'm glad his isn't too bad though, keeping my paws crossed for you all!! Thanks for the love! :-D