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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas and Sandy

Happy Saturday/Sunday Everyone!

Super quick post tonight as I'm still in the middle of hibernating! ;-)

Freckles the Dog

Don't you love my puffer jacket (it's not too small for me, I'm just standing in a weird position!), I think I totally look "bad to the bone" with all the skulls and crossbones!

First off, if you signed up for Finn and Jazzi's Christmas Card exchange list, then you should have received the list and like 4 changes, by now! If you haven't gotten any emails, make sure you contact one of them! We've already been contacted by a couple of new friends from the list and can't wait to reach out to the rest of them this evening!

Domeek spent about two naps worth of time putting all the information into a spreadsheet, cause she's weird like that, so if you signed up and would like to have an Excell sheet for easier access, just let me know and I'll forward it on to you! :-)

Secondly, my friends over at the Two Little Cavaliers shared a Huffington Post article that I wanted to let you all know about! It's basically a Sew For Sandy group project! :-) 

Considering that so many dogs and cats lost all of their own belongings in the hurricane and find themselves in shelters and rescues until they can return home, lots of those shelters are now running out of supplies and desperately need help! So the Huffington Post is collecting home-made animal blankets, beds, pillows, and clothes to distribute to a few of the needy East Coast shelters! If you click on the article's link, it gives you wonderful ideas and directions on how to create a ton of different items! Since I don't have opposable thumbs and Domeek's leg is out of order, we won't be able to physically sew anything...instead, we are borrowing the Cavalier's No Sew Dog Blanket instructions to make some awesome blankets! 

If you do create anything for the Huffington Post, please send the completed projects to:
HuffPost Home c/o Shana Ecker 
770 Broadway New York, NY 10003

We had a ton of fun at Joann's Fabric this afternoon and we'll be posting about our fun project time later in the week, so keep an eye out for it! :-D

Thanks as always for reading and have a great rest of the weekend!!!


  1. Love your jacket, very stylish! I just got done reading about the no sew blankies. Can't wait to see your finished products.

  2. Oh yes you are bad to the bone indeed. Looks good on you. And yes please send my the spread sheet. We have printed out the orginal, but a spread sheet would be good. Send it to pastormichelle13(at)gmail(dot)com. Happy hibernating.

  3. We think that coat is definitely you. You just need a bigger size because of all your muscles.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  4. That is a pawsome jacket - serves a purpose yet oh-so stylish
    Wally & Sammy

  5. Love your jacket! Enjoy the hibernation!

  6. Goose, you are just Pawsome in the jacket. Hope Jazzi's Mom is not mad at us, cause we started the whole error thingy when we send out a correction on our address and some of the mail came back undelieverable! You go take some more nappie poos, see you later.

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

    Pees; That list has Mom buying more cards, didn't expect that many, and we said we will not miss anybody on the list!

  7. You look like a tough guy in that jacket. Anyone would think twice about meeting you in a dark alley! Thanks for the links & info. We're off to check them out now.
    Alanis & Miro

  8. Oh, you do look 'bad to the bone' in that jacket Goose!! One tough dude.
    Thanks for the linkys, I'll have Ma check em' out.


    pees: stay warm my friend, it's gonna get cold!

  9. Youz gonna rock on the block wiff that puffa jacket :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  10. Goose,

    Dude, your new jacket rocks!

    Your Buddy,

  11. Dear Goose,

    We are on the list! Hope your hibernation is going well.


  12. Glad you came out of hibernation Goose. We have the list too, now mom just has to figure out what kind of cards she will buy for us!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. We got our card list and are super excited! It's the highlight of the season! Wyatt and Stanzie

  14. Love your expression, you look like such a toughie in your skull muscle jacket! :)

  15. You look great in your coat! We had to buy Kori a coat, she was too cold at night.

  16. hello I came to say thank you for visiting and pleased to meet you.. I just love my blog friends and love getting new visitors.. Hugs GJ xx

  17. You look awesome in your puffy coat!

  18. Oooooh...Mama has a no sew blankie she STILL hasn't put together since LAST Christmas. We are going to get her to get it ready and send!!

    Thanks for the pawsome information!!


    1. WooHoo!!! Thanks so much for participating, I'm sure all the pups and kitties are super ecstatic!!