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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Freckles...Now A Piece Of Art!

Wowee, even though I didn't comment on all of your Halloween posts, I was very impressed with everyone's costumes and pumpkins! :-D I hope that you all enjoyed the day!

Personally, I was incredibly disappointed with our neighborhood; according to Domeek, last year there were about 50 trick or treaters that came to the house, so my expectations were really high. Do you know how many kids turned up? Five!!! I kept looking out of the window...but no one was walking about or even looking down our street! :-( We have no clue where they were and why they weren't at our house! It's just sad!

So, all the candy that we bought is now going to be donated to the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford, a couple days late, but I'm sure the kiddie winks will still enjoy it. This is a great organization that houses and assists families with children who are going through life-threatening illnesses and procedures at Stanford! :-) They are always appreciative of any donation, last Christmas Domeek's work sent about 50 chocolate advent calendars over to them, the kids' faces were priceless!

Freckles the Dog

Today I wanted to introduce you all to an amazing artist and animal lover, Lili Chin, with Doggie Drawings! I know that I've posted about her amazing doggie training illustrations before, but I wanted to focus on her custom pet portraits this time! :-)

Freckles the Dog Lili Chin Doggie Drawing
Copyright 2012 Lili Chin

Domeek claims that she wanted to get a custom portrait done for my Christmas gift, however, I'm pretty sure that it was really for her! ;-) So, when she saw that Lili was going away for the Holidays and was only finishing projects before the end of November, she jumped on the chance to order one!

Lili has been an artist and animator in Southern California for over 15 years, but thanks to her love of Boston Terriers and her own rescue, Boogie, she started Doggie Drawings in 2008! Fantastically enough, she donates a percentage of all her proceeds to various dog rescue organizations. :-) Yep, we love her already!

I urge you to take a look at her website, two Zazzle sites (1, training posters, and 2, Boogie inspired goodies), Society 6, and the American Boston Terrier Rescue's CafePress site for all of her services and artistry!

So, first of all...the Big Reveal!!!

Freckles the Dog Lili Chin Copyright
Created by Lili Chin

Doesn't the picture look just like me??! Hehehe! I absolutely love it! :-D

If you are interested in ordering your own portrait (which I totally recommend), all you have to do is: email Lili a bunch of photos (or send her a link to them) in various positions, close-ups, sides, ect..., tell her what color background you would prefer (I chose my favorite color, green), any accessories that you want added (you all know my love of balls and my bunny), and then let her know if you are using the image for personal or commercial use!

What I love about Doggie Drawings, is that Lili doesn't mind if you post her images on Facebook or your blog, as long as you give her credit (duh!) and link her back! If you plan on using her images to make money, then you need to let her know it's for commercial use, honestly, not a bad policy!

Freckles the Dog Lili Chin Doggie Drawings
Via Doggie Drawings

It literally took me less than a week to get a response from Lili, receive a proof, and then get the final digital image and pdf (and she's already put the final image in the mail to me)!

I seriously have nothing negative to say about the entire process! From her website to her communication to her talents...everything was fantastic! :-D

If you want to see more of her custom portraits and some of her commercial projects, please take a look at either her Facebook page or Flickr account (mine is the last image)!

And remember, if you are interested in getting a portrait completed for the Holidays, perhaps the perfect Holiday gift for an animal lover?, contact Lili sooner rather than later to get on her schedule! :-)

This review is completely one asked me to do it and I didn't receive anything in return for it! ;-)

I always love reading about other people's experiences with different companies and services, most of the time this is how Domeek makes her purchasing decisions, which is why I choose to impart my knowledge on all of you! If you have any questions, just comment below and I'll happily answer!

Have a great Friday everyone!! :-D


  1. We think your trick or treaters showed up here! We had lots more than usual.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  2. We only got one trick or treater, they don't say trick anymore, just give us the treats..BOL. Love those drawings xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    1. What on Earth? You have to say the whole thing...or no candy! ;-)

  3. Your drawing looks fantastic! I love it! You did a good deed with that candy, that is an excellent cause.

  4. I love your drawing. I am going to have to have MOM check her out.

    1. You totally should!! She's also big into helping out with charities!

  5. Well, you had 5 more T/T than we did!!! great idea to give the candy to Ronald McDonald house. Love the art work, she really captured the personalities of the dogs.

    1. You got no one?!! Is that normal?

      She's great at getting to the heart of the pup (or cat, or even bird).

  6. Wow, those are great drawings! We cannot draw because we cannot hold a pencil in our paws so we are very impressed with others who can draw. Sorry you did not have many kids trick or treat you. Maybe next year??

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Hehe, no kidding...that whole thumb thing, huh?! I'm always impressed with the artistic humans too! I hope more kids will show up next year too! :-D

  7. That drawing of you is perfect!

    Millie & Cindy

  8. Oh My, were did they all go, spooks got them, sorry, We more then made up for your loss here, cause we ran out of stuff, except what DAD ATE!!!

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

    Gotta show Mom what we want for Christmas, our own personalized pics!!!!

    1. Bahaha, hopefully the kids got the majority at least?! ;-)

      You should!!

  9. Very cute! And it really does look just like you! :)

  10. Oh Goose, we hardly got any tricksters either! I thinks it was because it was gonna rain, maybe peeps made other plans.
    Sorry you didn't gets to show off your costume more! So very cute!
    Your portrait is just adorable!!! So happy! Very talented peep, that one!


    1. That's what we were considering too...Domeek remembers, when she was a kid, it didn't matter if it was raining, foggy, hailing, or even got up and went trick or treating!!! ;-)

  11. That portrait is SO cute!! My peep loves it!

  12. 5 kids? That's disappointing :( Maybe next year... That portrait is ace

  13. Dear Goose,

    We LOVE your picture!

    We also love those training drawings - we've been seeing them all over the place! (My person does this thing called "training", which is where she goes and plays with other dogs without me.), She's always thought those posters were very well done and also very accurate and clear. And she wishes she could draw like that.

    So it's very neat that you have a portrait by that artist! And it does look just like you! Excited wags and barks!


  14. That picture is perfectly YOU! I love it!

  15. I have something for you! Check it out here...