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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Treasure Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone!!

Unlike my regular Treasure Thursday posts, this week I'm going to be focusing on something that is usually forgotten over the Holiday season...fostering! 

Tens of thousands of animals sit in their kennels over the winter break; most of them are sad, cold, and lonely! How would you like to make one animal, this year, ecstatic at Christmas time??? It's pretty easy! All you need to do, is take one cat/dog/guinea pig/bunny/rat/ferret (you get the picture) home with you over the Holidays; let them into your life and your festivities and they, in turn, will make your Christmas the greatest it can be!! :-D

Freckles the Dog Holiday Fostering

PetFinder has partnered with hundreds of shelters and rescues all over the country (and Canada) to match you with the perfect Holiday foster animal...there are eight rescues in my area alone! :-)

This is the wonderful Rocky Road from Doggie Protective Services in Palo Alto, California (right next door to me)!

Freckles the Dog Doggie Protective Services

Rocky Road is a 4-5 year old Terrier mix with a soft wire coat. She weighs about 7lbs and is a fun-loving spunky gal. Initially she's insecure and she's not always comfortable with strangers picking her up right away. Once she knows people then she loves to climb into their lap and will hang out there. But Rocky Road's absolute love in life is playing fetch. She will play fetch all day long. She will bring the ball back and stand in front of you but she won't let it go. You have to actually take it out of her mouth. It's so funny! Then she gets so excited when she knows you are going to throw the ball for her again. She wants you to take it out of her mouth and she wants you to throw it again, again and again and you can spend all day throwing that ball and she'll fetch it even when she's exhausted. 

Rocky Road could be an apartment or condo dog. She could be one who goes on walks, goes to the dog park or hangs out with other doggy social friends. She gets along with big and small dogs and she even shares playing fetch with other friends. Rocky Road is better suited for adults and/or older kids. She's just not a youngsters type of dog. She isn't one who wants to be dressed up, pulled by the tail or really "man-handled" as kids so often do. She's a great adult's dog. She's potty pad trained. She's not a big barker.

Rocky Road has a long soft wire coat that doesn't necessarily need to be professionally groomed. It doesn't continue to grow. It is non-shedding and with regular brushing it stays detangled. It's a fairly easy coat to maintain.

Rocky Road is looking for the perfect forever home, but in the mean while, she will be a wonderful edition to any Holiday home!! If you are interested in learning more about Rocky, please visit her PetFinder page!

The beautiful Edie of Pound Buddies in Muskegon, Michigan is looking for a fantastic Holiday foster opportunity!

Freckles the Dog Pound Buddies 

This sweet and gentle Italian Greyhound mix has all the qualities someone could desire. Edie is a 23lb girl that is quiet and loyal. She is not demanding, just wants to be near her people. Edie is about 7-8 years old and is house trained and crate trained. She does great with other dogs and children and we are sure she would be fine with cats. Edie would make a perfect companion for another older dog that needs company or someone just looking for a best friend. Edie like to go for walks and snuggle and if you let her she will sleep right next to you with her head on your pillow. Who could ask for a better low shedding companion than Edie?

If you are interested in taking this beautiful and special girl home for the Holidays, please take a look at her PetFinder page!

Malcolm, a large and beautiful Australian shepherd mix, with Austin Live in Austin, Texas would love a foster home!

Freckles the Dog Austin Live 

Meet Malcolm, a gentle soul who deserves a second chance.

When Malcolm looks at you with his gorgeous yellow eyes, you can almost hear him saying, "Can I trust you? I don't know how or why I ended up in here. I'm an older dog, I had a great life, and this is all new to me. Frankly, I'm really not that into it and I would be ever so grateful if you would bring me home."

Malcolm is slightly overweight, so he is not a high energy dog. He's somewhat bewildered in the shelter environment and is reluctant to try new things. This kind, gentle soul just needs a calm home where he can relax in knowing he's not going anywhere.

Malcolm is not overly cuddly, but he does respond to touch and soft words. He does fine with other pets and will be great around kids. He had a sleepover with a volunteer recently and was such a sweet and easy houseguest. He's housetrained and a rock star on a leash.

Malcom believes home is where the heart is. Won't you open up yours?

If you would like to take Malcom into your home for the Holidays, please take a look at his personal information and see what you can do! 

Freckles the Dog

Thanks for dropping by, as always, and have a wonderful day!!!

PeeS: Domeek abandoned me last night and went to see these weird people called the Trans Siberian get you all in the Holiday spirit, enjoy this awesome rendition of the Nutcracker Suite! :-D


  1. Great post! Fostering is well worth the time and effort - the animals are so very grateful to be out of the shelter!

  2. What a wonderful post. I wish we could take them all home with us for the holidays. That would so rule,

  3. How wonderful of you to Share Goose. At the clinic where I used to work, we had a homeless pekingese whom we were trying to find a home with. I felt sorry for her on Christmas so took her home for the day and let her join in the festivities.

  4. I'd love to foster, but my male Doxie does NOT do well with other dogs (besides the three girls) :(
    Nola's Mom

  5. This is an important message! We wonder if city ordinances that limit the number of dogs per household count fosters?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Hm, good point guys! I know the way it works here is that when you foster a pup they are "registered" or "licensed" with the rescue group and not at your the numbers don't count. But more than likely that changes with every city/county. :-)

  6. Hi Goose, This is a wonderful and caring post-great job.
    Have a great evening.
    Noreen & Hunter

  7. What a great idea, Goose! I bet this will help more pups find furrever families too!

  8. Does this mean you are going to have a foster with you for Christmas? We would live to do this one day, but right now mom said 5 dogs is enough, since we didn't win Powerball...whatever that means!

    1. Hehe, yeah I think I might go nuts if there were 4 more pups in the house! No, unfortunately, we leave on a plane on the that would just be mean to spend Christmas with a foster and then send them back one day later. :-/ Hopefully next year though! Why not?