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Monday, November 26, 2012

No Time To Post Tonight...

Oh my dog!!

Freckles the Dog

Tonight has been so busy that I don't even have the time to really say much...

...except, that I would love it if you all could send out some serious positive thoughts for a weird, slightly scary yet wonderful kitty named Allred along with Bert and Vickie! He has gone a walking and hasn't returned home in a week so all are worried!! It has only been a few weeks since I lost Baby and I do not want anyone else to be sad like that!! So please send all of the love and well wishes you can out into the universe for him!!! :-)

Why am I so busy you ask...well, the Holiday cards arrived and now I am in the middle of stuffing, stamping, licking, and signing! Phew!!

Freckles the Dog

Please take care everyone!!!


  1. We are sending all our positive vibes that Allred comes home soon.

    Happy Christmas card writing!
    Wally & Sammy

  2. Oh, I hadn't heard about Allred... Hope he's okay.

  3. Mom has to get cracking on her cards! Yikes! We will stop over and offer our support for Allred.


  4. Stuffin', stampin and lickin' and signin' oh my you will be busy!
    We did not know 'bouts Allred, on our way to visit Bert and his Vickie!

    Woofs and Licks,
    MAggie Mae and ax

  5. Yeah, we checked in with Bert yesterday, we have our paws crossed Allred will be OK. Man so glad ours are lone gone, Shadows tongue went dry with all that licking.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  6. Yes we all are very worried about Allred. I so hope he comes home. I know Bert is super worried. I really need to get going on my cards. Your way ahead of me.

  7. Sorry to hear about Allred - will keep him in my prayers!

  8. Paws crossed for Allred here too. We are working our way through the Christmas card list too.

    Millie & Cindy

  9. We're keeping our fingers and paws crossed that Allred is okay. Doing the Christmas cards is a big job and I'm sure you'll need a good rest when your done!

    1. I just got Fred and Gloria's yesterday!! I love your photo!!!! Thank you so much!

  10. We just read about Allred's disappearance. We hope he's just visiting someone else for awhile and will come home.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

    We sent our cards last Friday.

  11. Oh no! I hopes Allred just met a lovely female kitteh, and is having some kitteh funs! Maybe he'll come home with a wife! I'll be keepin' my paws crossed that he checks in soon. Not nice worrying the peeps like that!!
    My cards are suppose to arrive Thursday, so I will be just like you, and have a cramped paw from signing all those cards!


  12. i HOPE Allred makes it home soon, Rascal, my little guy, or should I say big guy, is a outdoor cat too, and sometimes disapears for weeks, which worries me a lot to but always makes it back, I hope this is the case for you too. On a positive note, I just had to come check out your blog, as your little guy seems like a spunky little replica of my Kirby! Sending a warm kirby hug

  13. Yes, we are worried over Allred too. We just hope he will go home to Bert and Miss Vickie! Our cards will be here tomorrow and then we will be licking envelopes too!

    Your Santa Paws Searching pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. Hope your friends return home safely. That sure does look like a lot of work for such a little pup.