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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Deserving Second Post Today

I generally don't like doing multiple posts on any given day, but I thought that this story was completely and utterly deserving enough!

I'd like to introduce you to Cole and Bingo!

This amazing duo was introduced to each other 7 years ago when Cole's family needed some extra help with a medical condition that stopped Cole breathing, which meant that he required immediate CPR! The National Service Dogs' staff thought that Bingo would be the perfect companion and assistant for Cole, so they trained him to bark when Cole stopped breathing! Wow, how amazing is that?!

During the last 7 years, Bingo has saved Cole's life multiple times and was even inducted into the Purina Animal Hall of Fame in 2010!

Unfortunately, Bingo was diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfuntion Syndrome...which is a really big medical term...but it means that he doesn't have many months left! So to honor Bingo and his excellent service, Cole has decided to come up with a Lick It List, which is basically like a Bucket List according to Domeek.

Cole wants Bingo to experience as many different tastes from around the World as possible...just like he was traveling to all those places!

So they are asking that anyone who is interested to send in different yummies to the pair! I'm off to my favorite pet store tonight to pick up some for Bingo, I hope he likes them!!! But I figure, since we look so alike, he has to enjoy the same treats as I do!

If you are interested in sending the boys something, their address is:

Cole Hein/Bingo Hein
PO Box 413
Shilo, MB
R0K 2A0

Huntington Post Article

No money, just treats, and those that Bingo can't eat will be donated to a local shelter!

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