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Monday, August 13, 2012

Upcoming Events and National Dog Day

On any given day, in the Bay Area, you can find something to do with your humans: trails, outdoor restaurants, farmer's markets, and outdoor concerts, just to name a few things. But August and September are definitely two months that are just for us pups! There are three events in the next month and a half that are specifically tailored for the dogs! :) 

Courtesy of GLBAS

18th Annual Mutt Strutt
Bark in the Park
 2nd Annual Silcon Valley K9 Cancer Walk
  • When: Sunday, September 30, 2012 from 9:00AM
  • Where: Discovery Meadow in San Jose, CA
  • Charity: Morris Animal Foundation, proving cancer research that protects, treats, and cures animals on every continent. 
  • Events: Vendors/Exhibits, Competitions, Walk
  • Website: K9 Cancer Walk Home
Domeek and I are definitely going to Bark in the Park, cause that just looks like the funnest event ever, and I think we might join A Dog's Life (my training school) team for the K9 walk too, since my cousin, Dot, died from cancer just a year ago (I didn't meet her since I wasn't born yet).

I know that most of you don't live in the Bay Area, so here is a list of other dog related events around the US that might interest you in August and September:

Changing gears a bit...National Dog Day is quickly approaching, woohoo!!! It's my favorite holiday, cause it's all about ME, oh and you too!

Domeek has been inspired by a couple of my new friends, Sebastian and Leela and their plight to provide shelter animals with goodies and necessities during Craft Day for Local Shelters Day. We weren't blogging back then, so we missed out on the awesome opportunity, but since National Dog Day is coming up, we thought...why not help out now?! My poor comrades will still be needing help! So...for the next couple of weeks, Domeek and I will be heading off to Jo-Anns and Michaels, getting out the old sewing machine and will be getting crafty! :-)

If you missed Craft Day in July, you can get crafty with us too!?

I'm sure there will be loads of photos on the projects, so keep in touch for updates leading up to August 26th!

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