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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Links

Happy Friday Everyone!  hope you get to have a good roll in the grass too!

I spent two whole hours at the dog park last night and let me tell you, it was so much fun! I got to meet and hang out with a shepherd mix and blue heeler from Texas who were here on vacation, then there were all my regular park friends, and then there was a new husky mix too! It was so much fun that I completely ignored Domeek when she told me it was time to go...nope, not me! :-)

Today is all about R&R, especially since the rain is coming and there might even be thunderstorms, which is kind of scary! :-/ I just hope that there's enough time for me to go out and have a short walk before I need to use my raincoat.

Here's a list of all my favorite fun and interesting stories that have been going around the internet this week!

Friday Links:
  • My brother, Pumpkin, wants to remind you that it's Black Cat Appreciation Day! Lots of shelters and rescues are doing great deals on future best buddies!
  • An Ohio judge stands up for dog fighting rules and penalties!
  • Think you know what a pit bull looks like? Take this test and see! (I didn't even get it right, and I'm a dog)
  • One of the largest puppy brokers are closing down for good!
  • Does your pup's name affect how others view him/her? I know my name does! Silly people! :-)
  • Canada is seeing an influx of pet-food banks opening their doors.
  • Do you live in Pennsylvania and like tattoos and piercings? Great, then this event is for you!!!
  • Do you want a custom piece of artwork with your face on it (I know I do)? Check out Lili's art!


  1. Aw looks like a fun Friday, sleep tight, Goose!

  2. at the dog park! Don't you wish you could stay all day!