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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I’m currently begging Domeek to go and make some of these delicious delectables for me!!! Just look at them! Yummmmm…

They have everything that I could ever dream about in them…well, except I’m asking her to put some cheeeeeese in it too! [I LOVE cheese]

All you need are these ingredients:
~ 6-7 turkey chips (you can substitute 1/4 cup of cooked meat or chicken if you’re between orders)
~ 2 large eggs
~ 1/3 cup green beans cut into small pieces ( you can substitute any fresh or thawed frozen, dog safe veggie)
~ 1/4 cup cottage cheese
~ 1 teaspoon olive oil to coat the pan.

Then you put them in the oven and voila…out pops numminess for me! :-) Domeek says that there’s a bit more you need to do, so follow this link to the “real” instructions! If you make any for your little dude, then send some over to me too!!! Please! :-)

Recipe care of Dog Pack Snacks, which, by the way, look so delicious too!!!

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