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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Look Who's A Graduate!

Well, it's official...I've mastered yet another puppy training class...and I'm one proud graduate!

Class started off as normal: puppy burpees (sit, down, sit, stand), calming down on our "place", walking around the group in a heel position, and working on our stay from distances (hehehe, I don't like doing this...sometimes I just get up and walk over to Domeek or to my favoritist trainer, Diane.)

Showing off my down-stay!

But, then we started having some fun in class! We got to play games :-) !!! The first game: we started off on one side of the room, had to walk in a heel position until we got to the center, then had to go to "front" and then either "swing" or "finish", and then continue to the other side of the room in heel. Sounds easy right? Haha, try adding to this, Domeek had to carry the leash and a spoon with an egg on it in the same hand, the entire way! And We WON!! We were brilliant! We were at least a minute quicker than the rest of the group!!! I was so excited because we never do the best in class!!! And guess what? I won a prize too! I got to go to a tub full of toys and pick one out...I chose an awesome, plush, blue and pink, squeaky bone!

The second game was musical chairs (I won this game back in puppy 1), but all I wanted to do was chew on my new toy! So when the music started, we had to walk around all the chairs in a heel position, then when the music stopped our human was to put us in a sit (or down) stay, and then go sit in a chair. But if we got up, then they had to abandon their chair, put us back in the position, and go and find another open chair. Well, we didn't even last one round. As soon as my butt hit the floor, I got up immediately and followed Domeek...I did this the entire round! :-) Soooo...I got to sit on my place and chew my new toy, while the others had to walk and sit/stay! Hehe, I think I got the best deal!

Don't I look sweet?! :-)

After an emergency recall relay, it was then time to show off! We got to get up in the middle of the group and do whatever we thought was cool, interesting, awesome, and/or spectacular! I did the typical sit/down/stand, then I spun around and around both ways, then I went to "front", "finish", and "swing", and then I danced up on my hind legs! Yeah! No one else danced! :-)

Finally it was graduation time! Diane played Pomp and Circumstance and we went up to get our diplomas, one by one, and then took a photo! Of course, Domeek's camera died as soon as the button was pushed (Boooooo Domeek!!), luckily one of the other puppy parents took a picture, but you will all have to wait until I get my adorable photo emailed! 

Before the camera died

When I got home, I was so exhausted after all that mental and physical work, that I just passed out under the kitty tree with my new bone and didn't wake up for a couple of hours! Phew! 

Tomorrow I have a swimming lesson, then we hopefully get to stop off at Half Moon Bay before coming home! I love Half Moon Bay! There's an awesome puppy park by the beach, where tons of fun pups hang out, then we normally head off to a tavern that has an outdoor dog bar area! 

Have a great Sunday everyone!!


  1. Congratulations, Goose, me and mommy is proud of you!!

  2. That is pawsome! Me and Stanley just finished Puppy Class and will be going back to school next month for the next class. We hope we do as good as you cuz you did very good!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

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    1. Whoa, I didn't even realize that you had to do that to comment...I hate word verification! Thanks for letting me know Murphy!