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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life...Crazy Times!

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday (well, for some of you, Happy Sunday)! :-D

As some of you might know from Facebook, my poor brother Ginger has had lots of medical issues pop up in the last couple of days. We had to take him to the vet on Friday afternoon because he stopped eating, drinking, and didn't feel good at all! He had a high temperature and was pretty dehydrated, so while the vets were waiting on blood results, they wanted him to stay overnight. This morning he was diagnosed with diabetes, pancreatitis, and (maybe) a bladder, now he has to stay at the vet for the rest of the weekend. Its a lot of information for a little 10 month old to understand, but Domeek says that he will be alright with the correct medications. She'll be discussing treatment options with Dr. Cathy on Monday afternoon. Have any of you had to deal with any/all of these problems?

After hearing back from the vet, Domeek decided that we needed to get out of the house, so we stuck with our plan and headed off to the San Francisco Animal Care and Control event off of Pier 40. And I am SO glad that we did, it was so much fun!

There were a ton of dogs available for adoption from both ACC and Grateful Dog Rescue and I got to sniff and "play" with them all!!! There were two small, fluffy dogs that I liked especially, which meant that all of the volunteers kept asking Domeek if she might be interested in bringing one (or both) of them home. Domeek just laughed and said "not today, sorry!". She also got to hang out with an old friend from Family Dog, who is now the evaluator of ACC, congrats to Mary on the newish position! I liked meeting her a lot! :-D

I was given a goodie bag from Pawtrero, a family owned pet store in San Francisco, and I knew immediately that it was for I kept trying to get into the bag until eventually Domeek gave up and gave me some of their Stella & Chewy's "Super Beef" Freeze Dried Dinner. I loved it...yum yum yum!

If you are a sailing fan, the America's cup boats were doing a Dock-Out Show for AT&T park's patrons while we were hanging can (just about) see the different flags flying in the background!

After grabbing a cup of coffee, we headed off to a birthday party where I got to meet two new friends - Bella, the pretty but insecure sheltie, and Stinker (hehehe...I laughed so hard when his Mom introduced us) the fluffy Pom! Domeek didn't get a photo, cause she felt weird pulling out the camera, but we had lots of romps and plays! And now I am back home, exhausted, but happy! I hope you all had wonderful adventures as well, have a great evening everyone!


  1. Hey Goose that is a pawsome place you got to go to. And you got a swag bag? Double pawsome. I will keep ginger in my prayer and paws crossed.

  2. Aw I hope Ginger gets better soon :(

  3. Sorry to hear about your news! We are keeping our paws crossed. Looks like you had a fun outing!

  4. We hope Ginger is feeling good again and the meds do the trick!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley