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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Little Etsy Love

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As I said yesterday, Domeek and me like to get our crafting on! In the past couple of months we've made a puppy sleeping sack, which is oh-so-comfortable and perfect for snuggling in after a bath, and a patriotic harness to wear for the Fourth of July, which turned out so well that she's going to create another one for Halloween/Fall time! :-D

 But sometimes you don't have the time, the energy, or the creativity to sit down and make the doggy or kitty item that you want! So, in those times, I turn to my favoritist handmade/vintage website Etsy!!! You can find the coolest items ever here!

Since I don't have hours to just sit on the computer and scour through the hundreds of thousands of pet related items on Etsy, I figure that you guys don't either! So, why not share some of my favorite sellers and items with you and maybe that will inspire your Domeek to go and make or buy you something awesome!!! Please feel free to share your favorite ones with me too...cause as I said, I just don't have the time or energy to click through each page (yawn!), but I don't want to miss out on something brilliant!

I got my very first ID tag from this Mom and Daughter team out of Canada and then Pumpkin, my brother, just won another one from their Facebook contest! They are very different from the regular tags that you see in the big stores! They come in all sorts of different metals, colors, sizes, and you get to choose your own embellishments! Very nifty!

This is where Domeek got her idea for my sleeping sack; they have so many options that you can choose from for their Burrow Bag! They also sell some really cool looking blanket jackets, including a Jack Skeleton one, that look really warm! :-D

The Playful Pup's Dinosaur Fleece Dog Costume

Domeek and I just found this item last night, we were looking at all of the dog costumes that are on the internet, let me tell you, a disappointment to say the least, when we came upon this beauty! I wanted to be Captain America, cause that's my personality in a nutshell, but no one is selling a costume (except on Etsy, but I don't like it (sorry)). But then we happened upon this dinosaur costume and I instantly fell in love!!! It's green, my favorite color, and it's cool and scary looking!!! I love it! Domeek said she's going to get it for me for Halloween!

My two favorite items in this store are their doggy travel bowls, which come in fabric prints that are really fun yet sophisticated and their plush squeaky donut toys, which look so delicious that I could and probably would gobble them up in just a second!

My final Etsy favorite store/item is Rctees

This isn't for us fluffy types, it's for your Domeek! Perhaps you have seen them before? Jackson Galaxy has been seen wearing one of their awesome t-shirts that Domeek bought, it says, "Real Men Love Cats." I think it's funny! They also sell shirts that are pro-adoption and rescue! We like the kitty member of their team, Abby...she looks like my brother, Ginger! :-)

Ok, that's it for now...any stores or items you can recommend to me?

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