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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Social Media...Who'd Have Thunk!

Sorry for the really late post guys, Domeek had to stay at work for soooooo many hours tonight! Boo!

Boy, has the last couple of days been full of new friends and learning about all this social media stuffs!

I tell you, before two days ago, I never stepped foot on Facebook (maybe I snuck a look at Domeek's posts but that was the extent of it) and now I have over 90 new friends from all over the world! That's kind of amazing for such a small pup! I've never been out of Northern California and now I get to talk to dogs and kitties from Russia, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and Alaska! Do you want to know what I've discovered? We're all the same, wherever we're from...we all love dog parks, bacon, snuggles, and meeting new people! Domeek says that the world is such a small place and now I'm starting to believe it too! :-)

Then there's Twitter, which is a pretty confusing many people talking all at the same time, it's like being in a room full of loud people! Hehe, I'm trying to pick it up though! And then there's all of you guys! I like the Blogger website! I go to one page and see all of your new posts immediately, I don't have to go to multiple places, which is awesome for a lazy pup! ;-)

Switching gears a bit!

This evening, I got to go to the Bay Trail! It's so exciting to go there, it's full of wild animal smells, nature, other people and dogs, runners, bikes...I have to criss cross in front of Domeek because there is so much to see, sniff, and do!

Don't you just want to run all over the place?! I know I did, this is what Domeek calls "warp speed Goose!"

I found a delicious stick to chew, got totally freaked out by a giant rock that I thought was a monster or troll or something equally scary, and saw some duckies!

I finally gave Domeek a face shot, but you have to be quick! :-)

I surveyed my land before hopping back into the car, I was very pleased with what I saw!

Have a great sleep time everyone!


  1. Those are some very beautiful pictures of your trail! I love your speed!!

  2. Wowza dose are cool sticks

    ~Stinky Kisses, Mason

  3. OMD! My other friend named Goose likes sticks too!! It looks like you had a fun time!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley