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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

…Wow, my very first blog post!…

Welcome everyone! So…I guess…I should start with…hm…oh, ok. :-D

My name is Freckles, but everyone that matters calls me Goose! I live in Menlo Park with my three brothers and my favorite-ist person in the whole wide world, Domeek!! I don’t really like 2 of my brothers, but Domeek says that I have to be nice…even if they aren’t! :-( Which they aren’t!!! They are mean and old and grumpy and they try to beat me up all the time!!!! But my other brother, Pumpkin, is awesome! We’re buds…even if he claims we aren’t! See photo evidence below!

I have such a busy life! I go to the dog park, I hang out with my brothers, I go to puppy socials, I have school every Saturday, I take swimming lessons, I visit trails…phew, are you tired yet?! Cause I know I am! Some humans don’t have this much stuff to do each week, but I persevere! I just take lots of naps during the day to keep up my strength!

We just got back from going to the beach for the very first time! Oh my god, I LOVE the Beach! I LOVE the smells, I LOVE drift wood, I LOVE crabs, but I hate weird tree trunks that shouldn’t be on the beach…I made sure that I told them that too! Grrrrr! I also don’t like it when the ocean sneaks up behind me!

But my favorite thing in the world to do, is hang out in my bed with all my toys and with Domeek! It’s awesome!

Whoa, that was a lot of writing…ok, no more today! I still have to watch the Olympics tonight, go to the dog park, and eat dinner! Ok, see you guys later!!!


  1. Hi Goose!

    Thanks for coming by our blog. We have another friend named Goose so we wanted to come over here and see you! We just came back from the beach a week ago and we loved it too. Nice to meet you. You look like a nice fella!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. It's wonderful to officially meet you as well Murphy! Isn't the beach an awesome place?! :-D

  2. Hello dere Goose,

    We is Maggie Mae and Max, nice to meet you and welcome to Blogville, you will luv it here! Congratulations on winnin' Bert's contest too!
    Come over and visit us soon...'k?

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    1. Thank you very much Maggie Mae and Max! It's awesome to meet you too! :-D I have and I will continue to visit your blog!!! Have a great three day weekend!!