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Saturday, August 11, 2012

...Caturday DIY....???

It started off last night; Domeek came home really late (7:30...can you believe it?) with tons of plastic bags. I was really mad but she told me that she had to buy some things for my brothers. I'm sorry, what? What do you mean "for my brothers"? Where's my new toy or treat? But alas, there was no new ball or kong stuff'n. Instead, there were screws, wall anchors, shelves, cork, scratching things, window perches...I was so confused! When did I stop being number one? Domeek gave me a hug and a kiss and told me that I wasn't being penalized; she said that she was inspired by Jackson Galaxy, his tv show My Cat From Hell (ok, I really love watching this show too...mean old cats), and just wanted to make the living room more cat friendly or catified. Hm, not impressed!

Although it isn't completed, Domeek wanted me to give you all an update on the goings on, so here it is.

Domeek bought:
2 Ikea Ekby Jarpen (shelves)
2 Ikea Ekby Bjarnum (brackets)
1 Ikea Tyst (Place mats to be glued onto the shelves to stop slipping)
2 SmartCat Sky Climber
1 Catit Scratcher Lounge
1 Sheepskin Window Cat Perch
Assorted Wall Anchors, Screws, Glue, Scissors, Drill, Screwdriver

Two out of three of my brothers are tree dwellers, as Jackson would say, so because they don't like to use their cat condo towers (there is one in each room, what are they thinking?) Domeek wanted to give them another experience, besides jumping on places where they shouldn't be!

She decided to make them a cat highway, on one of the spare walls in the living room, that leads to the fireplace mantle, where they like to hangout anyways. She had to drill tons of holes in the walls, which made me a little scared...those things are really loud, for the shelves and the sky climbers! Apparently our walls are really mean and didn't want to cooperate, because Domeek was getting really mad at them! She kept having to change drill bits in order to get through the really thick plaster walls...but whatever, that was so far above me!

After about an hour or so, this is how the highway turned out; the Sky Climber (the lowest perch) is really nifty, it has a built in wall scratcher and shelf!

From my brothers' perspectives...even though they want nothing to do with the highway right now...Domeek wasn't too pleased about that, hopefully they want to play later on!

This is what the mantle looks like right now: the fishy is so comfortable as it's made out of memory foam, then there is the cat scratch lounger which my brothers can't get enough of, and another sky climber. Domeek want's to make it a little more fun though, so she has to come up with some more ideas! Any suggestions??? And then there is the window on the left, my brothers are a bit scared about walking on the ledge because it's a little narrow and my brothers are a bit...well, fat! So, we are going to get them another window perch for that window too, then Domeek thinks that the room will be complete!

I hope so, cause all this work and interior decorating is hard for a little puppy!We'll update you when it's finally completed!

I like to pretend that I'm a cat sometimes!


  1. She could try catnip spray, we use it to refresh the cat toys. It makes old toys interesting again! I think we found it at Petco.

  2. Hm, that sounds like a good idea! My brothers love catnip...they go crazy on it! :-)