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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Take Your Puppy To Work....Do It!!

Oh, my goodness, I was such a lucky puppy today!  

Domeek unexpectedly took me to work with her this afternoon!! I love, love, love going to work with Domeek; there are so many people that I like hanging out with, there are a ton of great smells in the parking lot, and I always love spending time during the work day with her! :-) Yep, one lucky boy! :-D They even hired me as their CPO...that's Chief Puppy Officer!

Freckles the Dog at Work
I was so exhausted though, just check out all that paperwork that I did for her! :-)

This trip got me thinking though: lots of people always come up to me and say that they wish that their doggy could come to work with them but they're concerned with his/her behavior, the unexpected, what to do, et cetera! I say "excuses, excuses," especially if your boss says that it's OK!

So, I decided to put together a little list on how to make the day your puppy comes to work easier for everyone!! Take notes humans! ;-)

How To Take Your Puppy To Work

1. Make sure that I'm as healthy as can be, up-to-date on my vaccines, and a social butterfly!

Freckles the Dog at Work for the first time 
My very first day at work (3 months)!

2. Remember that we need to take bathroom breaks, just like you, but because of the excitement of a new environment we might need to go outside a bit more frequently than at home!

Freckles the Dog at Work in Parking Lot
Having fun in the bushes! :-)

3. I know, I'm as cute as a button, but there are just some people who aren't "Yeah Dog" (allergies...blah blah blah). So, make sure that your co-workers are getting their own space (I promise, I won't sniff their butts)!

4. Treats and water are key to a happy pup and a happy work space! Water is obvious, but treats are good for keeping me content and quiet and for co-workers who want to say "Hi!" No, not to eat, but to give to me as a peace offering! ;-)

Freckles the Dog at Work with Treats

5. Make sure that your desk space is ok for me to be in. Remember I like to chew on stuff, especially when I'm bored, so you might want to move those wires away...unless you want to make the IT department a bit mad!

Freckles the Dog at Work under Desk
Usually I have a blanket to sleep on, but I wasn't planning on coming!

6. I might get a little overwhelmed with the space/noise/people, so make sure that you check in with me and let me have a break if needed.

7. Make your space feel a bit more homier, you might want to bring a bed or a towel/pillow for me to lounge on; oh and don't forget the toys. I might like squeakers, but it's best for everyone if I bring a quieter one!

Freckles the Dog at Work with Bag of Goodies
My bag of goodies: water, bowls, toys, treats, pee-pee pad (in case), leash...

8. Just like Domeek told me..."you might be here at work with me, but I still have stuff to do!"  Ok, I don't really like this rule, but Domeek says that if I want to come, she has to do her job!

9. Dude, remember that I'm here at work with you, so have FUN! I'll always make you smile, no matter what your boss says, and the day will seem shorter!

Freckles the Dog at Work in Parking Lot
Freckles of the Jungle!

Have any of you gone to work with your people before? Did you have fun? Were you good boys and girls?! :-)

Happy Friday Everyone!

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  1. What an exciting day!!! I used to get to go to work with Momma every day for the first ten months she had me. It was so awesome!

    1. That's awesome Finn! You should try and convince her to take you along now! It's a nice change of pace for everyone! :-)

  2. Wow! I actually love this post!:) I don't go to work often with mom though sometimes I fetch my sister from school!:)

    1. Thanks Cotton! We don't have any little ones, but I bet school pick-ups are totally fun too!

  3. Great tips. Our peeps no longer work but if they did, we would go with them even if we had to sneak to do it!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Then you are the luckiest pups! ;-) You have them all the time!!

  4. Aw, I want to bring Murray to work, but can't! :( I'm jealous!

    1. Boo! I'm sorry...I say, sneak him in (your boss won't know, he's so small and all)! :-D

  5. I wish I could bring the punks to work, the office hasn't gone for the "Bring your dog to work day" yet. The dogs would be happy to curl up under my desk, they love crates and nesting under tables. You are very lucky!

    1. That's always sad, especially when your pups are so cool and quiet! :-) Like I said to Murray, you should sneak your boys in...your boss'll never know ;-)

  6. Oh yes, and i have a surprise for you on my blog so pop on over!!